Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

Dean knocked on the clean white front door of the large house, he’d just walked up the driveway where the all white BMW was parked as he whistled a quirky little ditty.

Every once in a while, like today, he liked to get out of the school for a bit and meet with the parents of the students. He felt it really helped, especially when the student in question was a problem of some kind.

Jane, the current head goth at school, was today’s problem student. Not because she was a goth, that was perfectly fine, some of the sluttiest girls at school were goths. No, Jane’s problem was with the cheerleaders, she’d been getting into fights with them for weeks and it was getting out of hand.

“Come on in Principal Hardcock, it’s open!” Dean heard the familiar voice of Mrs. Dently call from behind the door.

Jessica had been a student of his back in the day and he understood why Jane was having problems with the cheerleaders. Jessica had been head cheerleader, class valedictorian, and all around popular girl at the school during her tenure, which put a lot of pressure on Jane to follow in her footsteps.

That kind of pressure really only resulted in one of two outcomes, a complete commitment to outdoing the mother, or as Jane had done, go in the exact opposite direction and hate everything about it.

Dean opened the door and stepped inside to see Jessica standing beside the staircase leading up stairs, she was exactly as he’d remembered her, right down to the cheerleading outfit she had worn back in the day.

“What do you think? It still fits right?” Jessica enthused and gave her tits and ass a little wiggle as she did.

“Yes, yes it does.” Dean replied with a smile and Jessica wiggled her way over in front of him. She pushed her tits out and arranged her hair to drape over them before clasping her hands behind her back.

Dean cleared his throat a little before continuing, “So Mrs. Dently, I wanted to have this parent teacher meeting to discuss Jane’s recent… issues.”

“Oh please Principal Hardcock, call me Jessi just like you used to!”

Dean nodded, “Alright… Jessi.”

Jessica smiled and giggled at the sound of him saying her name, “That’s better! Now, I know Jane has been a problem, but I hope she hasn’t been causing too much trouble.”

“Oh nothing I can’t handle Jessie.”

Jessica smiled and laid a hand on Dean’s chest, “Oh, I’m sure. I know you can handle all kinds of things… I still remember how you handles these.” she replied and gave her tits a shake.

Jessica reached down with her other hand and took hold of Dean’s, raising it up and placing it on her tit, “You know Principal Hardcock, I’d be so grateful if you could take Jane into your very capable hands and help her just like you did me. You know… flat on my back on your desk, legs in the air, your hands on my tits and your cock in my pussy…”

She dropped down to her knees and quickly fished Dean’s dick from his pants, wrapping her lips around it and bobbing back and forth. Dean took hold of her pigtails and worked her into a good rythm for a while until he popped her off his dick and she let out a gasp.

“God Principal Hardcock, I’ve missed sucking your cock under your desk so much! giggle” she said and then stood up, took Dean’s hand and pulled him towards the stairs that lead up to her bedroom.

“I know Tammy, the current head cheerleader’s mother, maybe we should get together with her too… I’m sure she’d be open to having her daughter attend a few sessions with you and Jane to work things out…” Jessica was saying but Dean wasn’t paying much attention, instead he was watching her as sway as she too each step.

She continued talking right up until he stuff his dick in her mouth again for a while, fortunately when he pulled it out this time all that came out were squeals and gasps and grunts when he finally slipped it into her pussy.