“Excuse me Sir, I was just wondering if there was anything else I could do for you today?” Maxine asked as I stood by the doorway.

The little minx was coming alone well, the subliminal messages I’d been playing while she cleaned house the last few months had really taken hold.

Gone was the old, stuck up, I’m only doing this because I need the money, Maxine who showed up in sweet pants and a t-shirt. In her place was the the new, submissive, eager to please Maxine who was pushing her tits out as far as she could as she leaned over the table in her cute little french maid uniform.

She’d been showed up in it a few weeks ago and been bending over to expose her ass as much as possible since then. I’d been holding off taking it to the next step since then to make sure the programming was well and truly embedded in her mind.

“Thanks Maxine, I don’t think so.” I replied and watched her eyes twinkle at the thank-you, but just as quickly her shoulders deflate and a pout cross her lips at the no.

“Are… are you sure Sir? There’s… there’s nothing else I could… clean?” she asked hopefully as she licked her lips.

“Well…” I replied in a drawn out thought and her face lit up in expectation.

“Yes? Yes?” she prompted me.

A wicked smile crossed my lips, “I could use my shoes cleaned… with your tongue.”

A mix of emotions crossed her face; joy, fear, disgust, acceptance, enthusiasm.

“Oh… ah… of course Sir.” she finally got out and knelt down and started to lick my shoes. They were already spotless of course, but she licked every inch of them, lovingly.

When she was done she stayed on her knees and looked longingly up at me, “Please Sir… is there anything else I can clean with my mouth for you?”

“Well there is one thing…” I replied, unzipping my fly and she needed no further prompting as her fingers quickly fished my dick from my pants and her lips engulfed it. As soon as they did I watched her whole body shiver as an orgasm came over her.

She bobbed up and down my shaft and a let out a small chuckle, “It’s a good think you enjoy cleaning so much Maxine, because I’m a dirty old bastard and you’ve got your work cut out for you.”

Her only response was to pick up her pace and get to work.