A hands on kind of leader...

Friday September 15, 2023

You know, sometimes the solution to a problem is staring you right in the face, which is exactly how it had been for me. I’d spent years perfecting a mind control device that could do anything from inserting a simple idea, to a complete personality rewrite.

There was a problem though, it needed contact with the subjects head and time.

Now, if I was a humanitarian, or really ethical in any way shape or form, the solution would have been easy. Make it beneficial and the users choice. Perhaps create single use versions, like one that would stop someone from smoking, or increase their self control to lose weight, or whatever. I could have sold these for millions… heck, billions.

There was only two problems with that; the first was that I already had all the money I could every hope for, the second, as perviously stated, my complete lack of ethics.

So instead I simply created a theme restaurant, around bunnies, and built the device into the headgear that I required all my staff to wear. The restaurant sucked, and didn’t make any money, but it did do it’s job and now I had a steady supply of beautiful young women working there.

Sally, Debbie and Jordan had just “quit” last week and joined me at my house full time. Sally and Debbie were actively working their FansOnly accounts, not for the mnoney, but the exposure. Jordan was messaging an old friend of mine, she’d be his new trophy wife in no time.

I turned back to the stack of resumes I was reviewing, there weren’t any photos… but I’d grown a sixth sense about which ones had promise and those that didn’t.

Fortunately I’d setup my restaurant near the university and so even if this batch didn’t turn up and new staff, the next would for sure.

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