Lonnie and Boonie each stood on the walkway, bras in their hands, as they slowly twisted and pulled at one of their nipples. The sound of the waves coming in off the beach was soothing and relaxing as one, and only one, thought filled their minds.


They had both come to the beach earlier that day for one last gasp at summer time fun, and they’d had a great time teasing the guys and flirting with them as they strutted around the beach trying to ack like men instead of the boys they were.

Everything had been fine up until they’d bumped into an older gentleman that seemed out of place on the beach, especially since he was alone.

Bonnie had scrunched up her nose and let out “Ewe… creep much?” at him before Lonnie had been able to react.

Lonnie had reacted first to the weird feeling that filled their heads as the man smiled at them, “I’ve been watching you two for a while now… maybe that is a little creepy, but I don’t think you’ll mind in a moment. You’ve both quite the little cock teases today, in fact you’ve been acting like it is the only thing on your minds. But the three of us know better, right? It’s been the farthest thing on your minds, in fact all you’ve been thinking about is how much fun you can have at other people’s expense. Let’s correct that, shall we?”

Bonnie gasped as she pinched her nipple and her bra dropped from between her fingers, “Cock…” came from between her lips.

“Cock…” followed from Lonnie’s as she too dropped her bra.

The two took each other’s hands and walked out towards the beach, a group of men were playing volleyball and they were both sure they’d be able to find some cock there.