“Please… no more… I’m sorry…” Debbie pleaded with the man standing in front of her as she knelt on the grass.

The man raised an eyebrow and shook his head from side to side and she let out a whimper.

She’d been on the field practicing football, or a the american’s called it, soccer when she’d sent the ball flying off to the side and right into the middle of a picnic.

She’d rushed over to apologize when she’d suddenly come to a stop and let out a gasp. The two picnickers were engaged in oral sex! The blonde woman with the giant tits was giving the older man a blowjob!

She’d turned to leave and stopped instantly, “Where do you think you’re going?” the man had asked but she hadn’t been able to reply.

“Just hold on and I’ll get to you in a minute.” he’d said and then let the blonde finish her blowjob.

A few moments later she’d heard the woman scurry off and the man go over and pick up the ball before walking over to her, “Now then…” he’d said and she’d started walking back to the next she’d been practicing at.

He’d already changed so much about her, her short brown hair was long and blonde, her small chest was large and full, her tight ass was plump and wide. Her clothing had changed as well, the basic shorts and top replaced with a thong and a sexual parody of her jersey, her cleats replaced with heels.

He lowered his eyebrow and smiled, she felt everything shift around her like she had the first time and when things came back into focus she felt a shiver of pleasure course through her.

She looked down and the top was even smaller… or was it just that her tits were now bigger than the ball her hands were still holding on to?

Looking back, her ass was even larger, and her now bleached blonde hair reached all the way down to it.

“Pwease… wike, I’m sowwy!” she said and she realized her lips were now so plump she could no longer form her r’s correctly.

The man reached out and placed his thumb on her lower lip and she quickly wrapped her upper one around it and suck it into her mouth. Pleasure like she’d never felt before coursed through her as she jiggled her ass and tits, then looked up and moaned at him.

“That’s better…” he said and then slowly lifted his hand so she had to get up onto her feet to keep his thumb between her lips.

When she was standing he pulled his thumb out with a pop and she pouted at it’s loss.

She managed to look down at her giant tits and see her hard nipples prominently on display, but also managed to read the new text across them, “SucksBalls”. She could also feel the wetspot that had formed on her thong.

“Wike, can I suck youw cock baby? giggle” she said without thinking.

Then man nodded no, but pointed over to a group of men on another football field, “No, but I bet if you go over and ask those nice young men, they’ll let you suck their cocks.”

giggle” Wike, oh my gawd, Twanks!” Debbie turned and wiggled her way across the field, eager to find new balls to play with now that she’d left her old one behind.