“Honey, can you bring over the lotion and lather me up?” Dani called over her shoulder in a sing song voice that made abundantly clear she really wasn’t interested in the lotion at all.

I smiled and nodded, getting up from my chair under the umbrella and started walking over to her. As I did she quickly unwrapped her hair and tossed the towel aside before leaning forward, getting her face right against the concrete of the patio and sticking her ass as high up in to the air as she could.

“Thanks baby, like, start with my ass… I love the feeling of your hands on my ass…” she said and then closed her eyes and let out a low moan.

It was quite the change from six months ago when she was still divorcing me… well, technically she *had* divorced me, the paperwork was all official and filed with the courts. However, the Perfect Divorce Service had been a wise investment back when we were getting married on my part, and we now both had what we wanted.

Dani was divorced and free to fuck whoever she wanted, which the Perfect Divorce Service ensured was a very short list of exactly one person, me. While I had a happy little slut that spend all of her time trying to entire me to fuck her.

I squirted some of the lotion across her ass and then grabbed a full handful of each cheek, eliciting more moans from her, “Oh god baby, work that ass *hard*!”

I gave her right ass cheek a nice hard slap while I worked the lotion into the other one, a little squeal of excitement coming from her lips, and then switched to her other cheek and repeated the slap.

It wasn’t long before I pulled her thong over her hips and exposed her pussy and ass, with my index finger I pushed some of the lotion between her cheeks and around her sphincter. Then I dropped my trunks and pushed up against her tight rear entrance.

She let out a gasp and pushed herself back onto my shaft, getting me part way in before she paused and her whole body shivered with pleasure. I grabbed her hips and pushed the rest of the way in and she squealed like a stuck pig.

I reached forward and collected her mass of blonde hair into a bunch in my hands, taking firm hold of it and pulling her head back and up slightly before I started to stroke in and out of her ass, “Oh god baby, yes! Yes! YES!” she cried out over and over again.

It wasn’t long before I could hold back no longer and filled her ass with my cum, her whole body quivering as a massive orgasm rocked her. I continued to pound her ass for several more strokes, but her entire body was lip and soon enough I pulled out and flicked the last few drops of cum onto her lower back by bouncing my dick off her ass.

I pulled up my trunks and looked down at the woman that I had once loved more than anything, that had been my entire world, but was now just three holes to stick my dick in. I had never thought it would come to this, the Perfect Divorce Service was just something that several friends had recommended to me, an insurance policy of a kind, not something I thought I’d ever need.

My heart had broken into a thousand pieces when the private eye that I had hired came with dozens of photos of several different men that she was cheating on me with. Even then I’d pushed the idea out of my head, it was only when I saw the steely gaze of contempt in her eyes when she’d said she wanted a divorce that I’d finally broken completely.

Fortunately the Perfect Divorce Service ensure that the only thing in her eyes now a days was pure unadulterated lust. By the sounds she made ever time I fucked her, she was quite happy with the results of our divorce.