“Excuse me Sir, I’m just about finished for the day, is there anything else you need?” Daria asked Reggie as he stood in the kitchen preparing a snack.

Reggie looked up and smiled at her, “No, I don’t think so. Give me a couple of minutes and I’ll give you your fee.”

She smiled back and nodded, “Great! I’ll just get this stuff put away.” she replied and indicated the mop and other cleaning supplies she had been using.

It was so great to have found some part time work while she was attending university, especially work that paid well and didn’t take up much of her time. All she had to do was spend an hour or so cleaning up Reggie’s place, which was a breeze as he was a neat freak to say the least, and he paid her $500 a week.

Daria picked up the cleaning supplies and walked into the kitchen just as Reggie was walking out, his hand brushed up against her ass lightly as they passed and a shiver of pleasure ran through her.

When she’d first taken the job, she’d been a little skeptical of the offer. Who would pay that much for an hours worth of work? Was he expecting something more?

She’d been so releaved after the first few weeks when he hadn’t done as much as given her a sideways glace and paid in cash each time. It was a few weeks later that his lack of interest in her had started to get under her skin a bit. After all, she was young, pretty, and single, why wasn’t he hitting on her… at least a little, right?

After a month or so, she’d decided she’d have to take things into her own hands, and so she’d started to dress a little more sexily. Nothing major, just showing a little more leg, a little cleavage, tighter clothing, just something to see if she could pique his interest.

It hadn’t worked at all, he showed no signs of interest in the slightest. So she’d gone a little farther, and a little farther, and then a lot farther. If he didn’t so some kind of interest soon, she was going to have to clean his place naked!

A little shiver of pleasure ran down her spine at that thought and she suppressed a slight laugh, that would get his attention for sure!

She finished putting everything away and then walked into the living room, over to where Reggie was standing beside the couch. In his hand was an envelope that he tossed onto the couch just as she approached him, she turned and leaned over the arm of the couch to get it, then felt Reggies hands on her lower back, pushing her even farther down.

His fingers slipped under her bottoms and pulled them down around her ankles before she heard his pants hit the floor and his dick push up against her pussy.

She didn’t take notice of it though as she calmly counted the bills that were in the envelope, just to make sure.

Daria wrapped herself in her overcoat as Reggie held the door open for her, “Thanks Sir.” she replied and walked out of the doorway.

“Same time next week?” he asked.

“Of course!” she replied as she looked over her shoulder with a broad smile on her face, “Can’t wait!”

He nodded and she made her way to the waiting taxi, a slight frown on her face as she opened the door.

He hadn’t done anything again! Didn’t even make a comment on how nice her ass looked when she’d bent over to clean the dust from under the table! Maybe next week she’d dump the bra… she could get some pasties right? Maybe get a new set of bottoms… maybe a nice little thong.

Yes, that would surely do it, right?

She smiled and gave the taxi her address as they pulled away. It was a good thing that Reggie paid her so well, all these new sexy clothes cost a lot.

Reggie walked back into his living room and walked up to the AV system, switching it from the computer input that was still broadcasting the subliminal messages over to his normal playlist.

Daria was coming along nicely, a few more months and it wouldn’t just be that she’d let him fuck her, she’d be begging him to fuck her.

He could have brought her along faster of course, the technology he developed could have accomplished it’s task in a few weeks, let alone the months she’d been listening to them. But that wasn’t his style, he liked to take things slowly, but surely.

By the time he was done, Daria would be his happy trophy wife, or whatever else he wanted her to be.