Kelly looked around nervously as she sat in the Milkshake-a-Go-Go, there were several hyper-sexualized waitresses there in various states of dress and lewd acts.

Things were getting bad, the pill had spread all over the country, converting untold numbers of women into sex objects like those flouncing around the Milkshake-a-Go-Go even now. Women like her… unpilled as the news called them now, were seldom seen outside these days, at least without some kind of escort.

Kelly was at the Milkshake-a-Go-Go alone, and had walked all the way here from her apartment several blocks away. An apartment that she wouldn’t have for much longer as her online work had dried up and it was dangerous to actually go in to an office as an unpilled woman.

Even now she could feel the stares from the men all around her, but she’d come her on purpose after doing her research.

It didn’t take long for a man to approach her with a smile on his face, “Hi, I’m Rick, the owner.” he said, extending his hand out to her. Her eyes were locked on his other hand though, the hand that held a thick pink milkshake in it.

“Kelly.” she replied and shook his proffered hand as he sat down on the stood beside her own.

He set the milkshake down between them and her eyes darted too it for a moment.

“So Kelly, I guess your here because you’re getting a little bit desperate?” Rick asked.

She nodded her head.

“How desperate. What am I dealing with?” he asked, the unspoken fact of the milkshake not needing to be addressed.

“Not that desperate… I’m just running out of rent money this month… no other debts to speak of.” she replied.

Rick nodded, “I’m impressed. A lot of women are much worse off. You sure you don’t want to give it some more time?”

She shook her head, “No… I’ve burned through all my savings and, well, it doesn’t look like the job market is going to get any better for women.”

“Well all right. I need to be clear though, I don’t really need any more waitresses at the moment…” Rick replied and waved his hand around the Milkshake-a-Go-Go.

“…so what will happen is that one of the current girls will be sent out to one of my friends, or one of the regulars, and you’ll replace her. That is until the same thing eventually happens to you.” Rick said without any emotion.

She nodded again, “How… how long?” she got out.

“That depends. I have about two dozen girls on the wait staff at the moment and I get someone like yourself coming in every week or so.”

Her eyes went wide, “That quick?”

He nodded back at her, “That quick. The good news, if you want to call it that, is that I screen all of the long term placements. If they don’t hold up to my standards, they don’t get any of the girls.”

She’d done her research before coming her, she knew what he said was true, the Milkshake-a-Go-Go was well known for a clearing house of high quality, no one had anything bad to say about it. Places like the Milkshake-a-Go-Go had popped up all over the place, most having far worse reputations, few having anywhere near as good.

Her eyes darted over to the milkshake and then back to Rick.

“Well, I’ll let you have a few minutes to decide. If you decide to stay, remove the lock from your phone and write down anything important I need to know… or you want me to know.” Rick said and then stood up and walked away.

Kelly sat on her stood for a bit trying to decide what to do…

Kelli pulled at her g-string and giggled as one of her regulars walked over to her. She was sitting beside the icecream bar freezer, it was her day to man it.

“Hi Kelli!” he said with a broad smile on his face.

gigle Hiya babe! giggle” she replied and stood up, wrapping her arms around him and wiggling her tits as she pressed them into his chest.

He reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a good squeeze. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back a little as she bit her lower lip, “God baby, I love it when you do that!”

“I love doing it too.” he said with a smirk that sent a flurry of giggles stream from her lips.

“Like, can I get you an icecream bar?” she managed to get out once the giggles stopped.

He nodded and she let out a squeal, then she unwrapped her arms from him and opened up the freezer, reaching down to grab one.

“No, no… not those… the other ones.” he stopped her and her eyes went wide.

“Oh my god, like are you serious?” she asked.

He nodded and she squealed in delight as she reached back into the freezer and picked up one of the icecream bars wrapped in bright pink paper.

She closed the freezer and then, using the tip of her nails, started to unwrap the frozen treat. When her lips finally wrapped around it and she took a bite, she felt a tingle go through her entire body.

She couldn’t wait to see how much bigger her tits were going to be, or how much dumber she was going to get, but she took her time and savoured every last bite.

Just as the effects were starting to kick in, she heard her regular speak in a excited tone.

“I can’t wait to take you home once Rick is done with you, he’s already working on the paperwork. It shouldn’t be long now, the end of the month is coming up and there is always a wave of evictions… and hence new waitresses for Rick.”

The words were lost on Kelli though, all she could feel were her tits growing and her mind draining and the oncoming orgasm.