Izzy sucked on the lollipop, savouring it’s taste, but realizing it wasn’t what she was looking for. In frustration she popped it out of her mouth and tossed it into the garbage can.

“Like, darn!” she said aloud and then wiggled her way across the room to another set of drawers and started rummaging through them. When she found nothing, she tossed one of the cloths she’d found in them across the room and then giggled.

She’d made a real mess of the living room, things strewn all over the place, the cushions flipped over, and even one of the chairs laying on it’s side.

She stomped her foot and then headed down the hallway towards the bathroom, but a smile crossed her lips as the bedroom came into view and she instead made a bee line for it. She started on the nightstand and by the time she got to the dresser at the foot of the bed, the bedroom looked much like the living room.

She was bent over, rummaging through the bottom drawers when she felt Tom’s hands take hold of her hips.

“Oh my god Tom!” she cried out as she came upright, only to have Tom stop her half way up by placing his hand on her upper back. She stretched out her hands to steady herself and took hold of the edge of the dresser with them.

Looking up into the mirror over the dresser she saw Tom’s smiling face as one of his hands held her in place and the other rubbed her ass.

“Hi Izzy… looking for something?” he asked with a knowing smirk on his face.

“No! Like, I can totally explain!” she started but then she watched him reach into his pocket and her eyes were fixated on when he brought out and held up.

“No? You weren’t looking for one of these then?” he asked as he slowly removed the pink wrapper from the lollipop.

Her lower lip quivered a she pouted slightly, “Puh… puhlease Tom… like, I need it.”

“Well…” he started to say as he set the lollipop on her back, a shiver ran through her body, so he could use both hands to undo his pants. When they hit the floor he then used them to pull down her panties so they met a similar fate.

“Oh god Tom, of course you can fuck me! giggle Just, like, let me have the lolli!”

Tom chuckled and picked up the lollipop from her back, her lips parted and she extended her tongue, anticipating what was coming next. To her surprise it never reached her lips, and instead she felt it push up against her sphincter.

Her eyes went wide as she watched Tom spit on the lollipop just before he pushed it in and rotated it around over and over again. It didn’t take long for her to start to feel the effects of it and she let out an excited squeal.

Tom’s dick plunged into her pussy shortly after wards and she felt her tits start to grow, her waist tighten, and she watched her hair grow lighter and lighter in her reflection.

“That’s right Izzy, you just love having something stuck up your ass don’t you?” Tom said as the pink fog rolled over her mind and her orgasm crashed over her.