Donna was in trouble and it was only getting worse. Her gambling habit had gotten her into such a hole that not even the regular underground games she frequented would let her play anymore.

That was a problem twice over, as not only couldn’t she get the fix she needed, without a game to play there was no way she would ever get out from under her debt either.

She’d heard rumors of another game though, one that was only whispered about by those that were truly desperate. A game that didn’t care about your debt, because what you were putting up as collateral was your body.

She hadn’t paid much attention to such rumors in the past, it was just plain silly and not really possible. However, she was desperate and so she’d tried to track them down, which was how she’d ended up here.

When she’d started a few hours ago, her short brown hair and washboard like frame, had been the perfect collateral. Now though, after losing several rounds, her dress was stretched to its limits, and her platinum blonde hair was getting closer to her ass all the time.

She held the flute of amber liquid in her right hand as she looked over at the man she’d been wagering with in this round, a smile across his lips, he gestured her to drink up.

She raised the flute to her lips and took a sip, then another, and then just chugged down the entire thing. She set the flute down on the table as her entire body started to shiver.

Donna had no idea what was in the liquid; black magic, nanotech, or something else entirely, but she knew what was about to happen.

Grasping the edge of the table she felt her body started to quiver, then a wave of heat washed over her and she let out a little gasp.

The sound of ripping fabric filled the room as her breasts pushed outward, her dress giving way at almost the same time as her ass did the same.

By the time it passed and she came back to her senses, his hands were firmly on her hips, his pants on the floor, and his dick pressed up against her outter pussy lips.

She turned her head, tossing her mane of blonde hair to the other side, a surprised expression on her face, but it was too late, he pushed in and instead of protesting she cried out in pleasure.

He fucked her over the table as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her, she lost track of time, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was the pleasure.

After a while, he finished fucking her and she laid there, basking in the afterglow of the best fucking of her life, her head turned to the side to see the empty flute tipped over onto the table. She smiled and giggled a little, then her eyes went wide once more as his hand picked up the flute and filled it once more.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her upright, her legs wobbled, but managed to keep her upright as he handed her the flute.

“Drink up.” he commanded and she took the flute in confusion.

“But… we haven’t played the game again yet…” she replied.

He let out a chuckle, “As if that matters, the game was rigged from the beginning. And be honest, even if we did play again, with my staring at your tits, all you’d be thinking about is sucking my dick, right?”

She blushed as his gaze drifted down to her exposed tits and a wave of pleasure ran through her. She lifted the flute to her lips and then quickly drank the entire thing.

This time a fog quickly passed over her mind and all she could hear was the giggling of her own voice as she dropped back onto the chair and started to masturbate.