A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday January 10, 2024

Lexi had loved being a pop star, but not nearly as much as she loved be a fucking pop star.

She’d been at the top of the charts for several years, making hit after hit… until she wasn’t. It wasn’t anyone fault per sey, trends change, music moves on, and she was still very popular.

The problem was that she didn’t want to just be very popular, she wanted to be at the top of the charts… always.

So she’d made a change, specifically her management team. She’d been with them since the start, they’d taken her to the top, but now, they had no answers for her so she’d started to shop around for new management.

When she’d visited The B.an.d Management Company she hadn’t been impressed at first, but the more they talked, the more interested she became.

Eventually she signed with them and agreed to everything they wanted to do.

The first thing was to get ride of her old, sweet girl next door routine, for something a little more edgy. Shorter skirts, tiny tops, taller heels, lots of makeup and new hair styles all the time.

It helped immediately, at least in terms of sales. Sure she got some flack from her long time fans that didn’t like the new direction… or the new lyrics she was singing, but the new fans more than made up for it.

Things had really started going in the right direction after her first set of implants. Sure she’d be a staunch critic of plastic surgery, but David from the management team had talked her through her objections, and she was thrilled with the results.

And the tabloid rags couldn’t get enough of her. She was on their covers all the time, between the photos and the rumors, she was the talk of the town.

Though nothing could compare to that first video she’d done with them squeezed together by the corset and latex, the dozen other women that she frolicked with, and of course the title of the song left little to the imagination, “Fuck Dolls Love To Be Suck Dolls”.

They’d had to cut back on so much of the footage, but she’d loved shooting every second of it.

Her latest record, “How To Make Them Big”, had gone Diamond after the first month and was still selling like hotcakes.

Lexi leaned against the column and looked over to the couch where David and another man were sitting, talking just out of earshot, but she didn’t mind. Instead of going over, she just stood there, looking sexy and waiting for David to finish talking to the other man.

When he did, he stood up and walked around the couch to where she was standing. She noticed the other man look over his shoulder and his eyes almost bludge out of his head as he caught sight of her. She smiled and gave him a little wave a wink, then jiggled her tits just as David came up to her.

“Hey Lexi, looking good.” David said with a smile as he stared at her tits.

“Fucking right.” she replied and grabbed her tits and pushed them together, “The Doc did a great job, can’t wait to go even bigger.”

David nodded, “I’m sure that will only help record sales.”

She smiled back, “I know right… I can’t wait. So what’s up with this guy?” she asked.

“That’s Mr. Reynolds, a big promoter from Europe. He wants to setup a tour for you, but he’s being a little stingy on the negotiations. I was hoping you could… you know… convince him to loosen up a bit.”

“Oh I’ll get him loose alright…” she said and then walked by David, around the couch and right in front of Mr. Reynolds.

She gave a smouldering smile and then lowered herself onto his lap, straddling it with her hands on his shoulders.

“Hey baby, I hear you’re not giving me what I want…” she said.

Reynolds lifted an eyebrow, “That’s… that’s not true… I mean, David and I are still negotiating…” he stammered a little.

“Oh baby… you don’t negotiate with David. David tells you what I want and then you give it to me… no negotiation needed. Then, when I have what I want…” she said and grabbed her tits and jiggled them up and down, “…you get what you want.”

Reynolds nodded and she leaned forward, pushing her tits into his face for a moment, before slipping down between his legs and quickly getting his dick out of his pants.

A quick blowjob later, she was back up on his lap, his stiff member deep in her pussy, and her tits bouncing all over the place as she fucked him for all he was worth.

Lexi really did love being a fucking pop star, especially when being a pop star let her fuck anyone she wanted to.

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