“Stupid Barbenheimer!” Stacey thought as she stood in the box, staring straight ahead.

It was bad enough being kidnapped and brainwashed and augmented into being the plaything of some rich asshole, but did it have to be Barbenheimer too?

Yeah, ok, she knew she was taking a risk being alone, at night, in the city, in a parking garage, but she though the companies security system was top notch, so had felt safe. Even with all the reports of young women disappearing all over the country, she’d never thought it would happen to her.

She mentally sighed, all that time in a dark room, flashing lights, loud sounds, had done a real number on her head, but she still knew who she’d been, even if she couldn’t do anything about it now.

Instead, she was stuck in some geeks basement, subject to his every whim.

That wasn’t being fair, she’d seen the rest of the house a few times, and well, it was a mansion really. She had no doubt that her owner was in the billionaires club, but that didn’t really help things.

She spent most of her waking time in the box, only leaving it for a few things, like to use the bathroom, or go to the workout room, or get some food.

It could have been worse she guessed, she had little doubt that some of the other women that had disappeared ended up playing Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, or some other even more geeky fantasy women. At least she was a Malibu Stacey… which was kinda empowering?

A thought tried to sneak in to the back of her head, something about that name wasn’t quite right… Stacey… Stacey… Stacey.

Her thought was interrupted by her owner entering the room and sitting down in the chair just in front of her box. He reached into his housecoat pocket and pulled out a small remote control and pressed the button.

The vibrator in her pussy pulsed for a moment and then she spoke.

“Malibu Stacey says that nuclear fusion is just the best kind of fusion! giggle

He pressed the button again and the vibrator pulsed once more.

“Malibu Stacey says that Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, is just totally grovey! giggle

There were hundreds of these phrases stuffed into her mind, one coming to the surface with each application of the vibrator, and she hated all of them. Fortunately he didn’t often do more than a couple and she could already see the smile on his face that told her what was to come next.

This time he pressed and held the button, sending the vibrator into overdrive for as long as he held it. When he released it she stepped out of the box and wiggled her way towards him.

She lowered herself to her knees, parted his housecoat and held his stiffening shaft like a microphone, “Malibu Stacey says that sucking cock is so totally good for you! giggle

And then she did, eagerly and sloppily until he unloaded into her mouth and her orgasm crashed over her.

By the time her head finally cleared, he’d left, and she was standing in her box once more and all she could do was once more thing… “Stupid Barbenheimer!”