Bimboton is a small town with a big phramcutical company, BioBim, in it. Since BioBim arrived Bimboton has undergone many changes, for the better, so at least the men would say.

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“Hey Sammy, are you lost?” I asked as I walked up the municipal buildings stairs.

Sammy turned and looked at me and giggled, “Like, nuh uh… that sign…” she said pointing back at the sign that listed all the offices and which direction each one was, “…like, totally said straight ahead! But like, I can’t go any straighter than this!” she replied with a pout.

I chuckled and walked over to her, holding out my hand which she took.

“Oh Sammy, what department are you looking for?” I asked.

“Uh, like, the records department? Cause, I got ta totally change my name all official like! giggle

I raised any eyebrow, “But Sammy is a great name, why would you want to change it?” I asked.

“Oh my god I totally agree it is! But like, all these officials totally keep calling my by the name on license and that’s just so yukky!”

“It can’t be that bad, can it?”

She pouted again and stomped her foot, “Samantha Jean Smuckove!” she nearly shouted out and I winced a little.

“Ok, ok, I’ll give you that’s pretty bad… what are you going to change it to?”

Her face brightened up and she bounced up and down a little before turning back to the wall and placing her hands on it, sticking her ass out and giving it a wiggle.

“Like, Sammy Smackmyass of course! giggle

“Well don’t mind if I do…” I replied, lifted my hand up and gave her ass a good hard smack.

“Oh my god, smack my ass!” she cried out and I did so again.

This went on until her ass was bright red and I finally had to get going.

“Well Sammy, why don’t I take you to the records department… just to make sure you get there alright.

“Mmmm… like, ok.” she replied and leaned in against me, her warm breath up against my ear.

“But, like, after, can we totally go back to your place… Sammy is gonna need her ass christened for the first time with her new name… giggle

I nodded and let out a little sigh… this was the only problem with coming down to the municipal offices in Bimbton, you seldom got what you wanted done.

Oh well, I still had a few days left to get to the planning department and submit my architectural diagrams.

I wrapped my arm around Sammy’s waist, my hand coming to rest on her red ass, and guided her up the stairs and towards the records department, all the while she whispered dirty sexy ideas into my ear.