There was, perhaps, a time when the cross around Tasha’s neck symbolized who she truly was, but that time had long passed now, Satan and burned away all of her old self and she had been reborn.

It was strange thinking about a time before she’d committed herself to the dark lord, those memories were still her’s, but seemed so out of place.

Going to church each week, bible study each night, volunteering at the church soup kitchen at least once a week, it had all been such a waste of time.

Somehow she was still ashamed at how naive she’d been back then, trusting Satan to not twist their deal into a pretzel. She had to admit though, he had kept the deal, healing her sick mother completely, she was still back home living a full life.

Tasha hadn’t seen her in months, not since she’d been thrown out of the house when her mother had found out what she’d done. She could understand her mother’s anger, but she just hadn’t been able to let her die because they couldn’t afford the medicine.

That was when Satan had shown up, a young man, well dressed and groomed, with an honest smile and a gentle deminer. It wasn’t what she’d been taught at all, and it had thrown her off balance.

He hadn’t taken advantage of that though, and it was only after she fully understood who and what he was that he offered her the deal.

It had sounded so simple, he’d save her mothers life, letting her live a full and healthy one, and all he wanted in return was to choose who she married.

She’d of course been a little suspicious, but he’d assured her he wouldn’t be a bad person, nor abusive, and that while happy would be too strong of word, she wouldn’t be unhappy.

And then the deal was done. Her mother made a quick recover, and was back on her feet in just a few days.

Satan had left and he didn’t return until almost a year later and she knew it was time. Or at least she thought she had. Instead Satan had given her a list of things to do, to prepare for her husband to be, and she’d almost refused when she’d read the list.

Instead, she’d seen the look in his eyes, no longer gentle, but stern, and she knew there was no choice. A deal was a deal and that was that.

It was only a few weeks later, when she’d completely changed her routine, that her mother had grown suspicious and started asking questions. A few weeks later and Tasha was out on her own, moving to the big city, which was one of the tasks on the list anyway.

Now here she was, meeting her future husband for the first time. Gone was the tomboy brunette that couldn’t apply makeup for the life of her, replaced with a blonde socialite that wouldn’t be caught dead in overalls or a spec of dirt under her fingernails.

She tried to smile, but the fillers she’d had injected just last week still were new to her and she only managed a light upturn of her lips. Dinner had been fine, desert acceptable, and now the coffee looked good, they had made small talk throughout.

“If you don’t mind… my I ask about your necklace?” he asked.

She titled her head down and placed three fingers on the cross, “Of course. My faith is very important to me, I know that God is real.”

It was true as well, after all, how could she not believe in God if she’d made a deal with devil himself?

Her future husband, the future senator and future president smile and nodded, satisfied with the answer.

“Yes… he has a plan for all of us, I’m sure of it.” he replied and Tasha just nodded.

There was a plan, but she knew it wasn’t god’s, and if she was successful at least Satan would reward her in hell… it was the best she could hope for now.