Carrie just stared straight ahead, her eyes blinking once in a while, her breath shallow and slow, as she knelt on the floor and waited.

It was what she had been commanded to do, and with so little of her free will left, she didn’t even consider doing anything else. There was just enough of it left so that she was still interesting to the clients, able to interact a little bit and initiate some small acts.

The rest had been taken away from her through weeks of intense drug therapy and physical stimulation. She didn’t know which gang had kidnapped her, or if it was even the same one that had brainwashed her, or even if either of those two were the one that owned this brothel.

It didn’t really matter though, she would knell and wait, then when the next client arrived, perform as commanded. She already had two regulars, one that told her how much he liked the way she sucked his cock, the other how much he liked the way she squealed when he fucked her ass.

She was pretty sure she’d have a third soon, he had spent quite a bit of time sucking her nipples and trying to fuck her tits. He lamented afterwards that he’d have to see about getting her some implants so that it would be easier fuck her tits in the future.

The door opened and a man stepped in, she didn’t recognize him, so he was a new client. She pushed her chest out and smiled at him just as she had been commanded to.

When he was done with her, she quickly cleaned herself up, put her lingerie back on, and returned to her position. Once more she stared straight ahead as thoughts moved slowly through her mind about what the future might hold for her.

How many men would fuck her? How many regulars would she have? How might they want her body to be modified? How long would she remain at the brothel? What would happen to her when they were done with her?

A little shiver ran through her body as the answer came to her… it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the next command and she was eager to receive it whatever it might be.