Rebecca wasn’t stupid, she knew she was beautiful, and she used that to her every advantage. She’d met Derek while on vacation with her previous boyfriend in the islands and had quickly traded up.

Derek was rich, if a bit of a prick, and he definitely had very specific ideas about what kind of girlfriend he wanted. So she’d had to make so compromises to get her hooks into him, but she knew once they tied the knot she could put her foot down.

She snapped a selfie and sent it off to him, a few emoji attached and a short note saying how eager she was to see him after work. He sent one back agreeing and saying he had a surprise for her.

She smiled, he’d been giving her little gifts for the last few months, she was sure he was working up to giving her a ring.

Rebecca rubbed Derek’s chest as they sat on the couch watching a movie, she was snuggled up against him in her lingerie and was still wondering what the surprise might be. They’d gone out to dinner, had a nice meal, and then headed back to his place.

After a little while he gently moved her off of him and got up, “Be right back…” he said and she smiled as he headed into the kitchen. A few minutes later he came out with a tray, two champaign glasses on it along with a bottle and a bowl of chocolate covered strawberries.

He set the tray on the coffee table and then poured two glasses, handing her one as he came around and sat down. They clinked glasses and she took a sip, while he did the same.

“Mmmm… very nice.” she said and then leaned in against him once more.

He reached over and grabbed one of the strawberries, with a smile he moved it to her lips and she gently wrapped them around it.

She sucked on it for a moment and then took it into her mouth, letting his fingers linger on her lips, then she swallowed it. It only took a moment for her to start to feel the effects of it.

Her eyes widened and she knew what he’d done, “Derek… but…” she stuttered as her whole body shivered as she started to feel the changes come on. Her lips puffed up, her breasts grew larger, her waist cinched and she felt her hair change as well.

By the time it hit her mind Derek was smiling at her.

“How dumb do you have to be to think I wasn’t aware of excatly what you are Becky… just a horny little slut begging on her knees for any attention she can get.”

The words hit her like a ton of bricks as an orgasm crashed over her and she cried out in joy.

“Mmmmmm…” Becky moaned as she wiggled her ass at Derek, it had been three months since she moved in with him and she spent most of her time on the floor at his feet, hoping he’d fuck her.

Derek sat up and reached over, giving her ass a swat, “Quite down Becky, I’m working.”

She looked over her shoulder and pouted, shaking her ass once more, but remaining quite.

Maybe, if she was lucky, he’d fuck her at lunch, but probably not, lunch was usually just a blowjob. Which was fine too, she loved sucking his cock with her big puffy lips. He often told her how much of a cock sucking slut she was and that sent chills down her spine every time.

Becky’s face was buried in the carpet, her ass in the air, as Derek fucked her hard. She was in heaven!

It had been weeks since Derek had fucked her and she had been going out of her mind. Both due to the absence of his cock inside of her, and at the fear that he had grown tired of her.

But now everything was perfect again, “Oh god baby, fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she cried out and squealed in excitement as he hammered her pussy over and over again. When she came, she came screaming.

“Please baby… please…” Becky begged Derek as she knelt between his legs as he sat on the couch. She was looking up at his face, but her eyes darted to the small pink pill in his hand a few times.

Even her pea brain knew something was up when he’d fucked her everyday this week, he hadn’t done that in a long time and now she knew why.

“Look, it’s simple Becky. If you want to stay, you’ll take the pill. Otherwise I have a friend that will happily take you in and treat you like the slut you are.”

She did want to stay, she loved being a horny little slut for Derek, but she didn’t know what the pill would do to her. Would she still be a slut? Would she still be horny? Would she still be Derek’s?

Derek’s face told her everything she needed to know, it was stern and steadfast.

Her fingers reached out and she picked up the pill between her long fake nails and placed it gently into her mouth, then she swallowed it and waited.

It didn’t take long, her body shivered and she felt her hair growing longer, her lips filling out, her breasts growing even more. Then the words that filled her with anticipation and feared filled her head and she orgamsed.

“You are such an empty headed doll Becky.”

Becky leaned over and double checked her drawer was empty and then wiggled her way back over to her suitcase and closed it up.

“All ready Becky?” Derek asked from the doorway and she turned and smiled at him, “Like, yeppers! giggle

She’d been Derek’s doll for a good six months and in that time he’d used her in every way she could imagine. It had been perfect, but now it was time for someone new to play with her, or at least that’s what Derek had said.

Of course she didn’t mind in the slightest, as long as someone was going to be playing with her she was completely happy.

She picked up her suitcase and wiggled her ass to the doorway where Derek wrapped his arm around her and grabbed her ass. She giggled and snuggled him, relishing the last time she’d be this close to him. He walked her out to the main foyer of the house where another man was standing.

“Becky, this is Kevin, he’s going to be playing with you from now on.” Derek said and she smiled and giggled in excitement before walking over and wrapping her arms around Kevin.

“Oh my god! Like, I can’t wait! giggle

Kevin reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a good hard squeeze and she let out a moan. Then he escorted her out and to a waiting car and she knew Kevin was going to be playing with her a lot, which was all she wanted.