A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday February 08, 2024

Cindy pulled out a strand of her hair and pouted… had she gone blonde enough?

It was too late to worry about it now of course, so she let her hair fall back to the side of her face and instead put a smile on as she placed her hands at the side of her boobs and repositioned them for the fourth time since she sat down.

She’d tried to get as much cleavage showing as possible, but they were just too small to really accomplish much with.

“Mr. Davis will see you now.” Tina’s voice said, coming from behind her desk just outside of Ben’s office.

Cindy perked up and looked at Tina’s smiling face as she stood up, “Thanks Tina.”

She walked towards the door and couldn’t help but stare a little at Tina’s massive cleavage, the redhead’s large tits seeming to defy gravity, but she forced herself to keep smiling and walk into Ben’s office.

She closed the door behind her and took a seat across from his desk, “Hello Sir.”

“Hi Cindy, how are things going today?” Ben asked.

“Great!” She replied and beamed a thousand watt smile at him. Her nipples had hardened the moment she caught sight of him and she hoped her panties would contain the wetness forming in her pussy.

“That’s good to hear. Well, as you know, we’ve been making some changes and I wanted to talk to you about a new opportunity.” Ben said.

Cindy’s stomach did a flip flop and she desperately tried to contain a giggle. It was true, there had been a lot of changes around the office in the last few month. Some of the older staff had left, new, younger staff had been brought on board, people had changed jobs.

Take Tina for instance, she had been head of sales a few months ago, now she was Ben’s secretary.

A little shiver ran down Cindy’s spine, that word did it to her every time… secretary.

“As you know, with the new secretaries reliving their bosses of administrative tasks, which they were not particularly well suited for, the IT group has had a significant reduction in work lately.”

Cindy nodded along, it was true, her group of support people had seen a huge reduction in tickets now that real professional secretaries were managing most of administriva for their bosses.

It had all started a while ago when Ben had hired a new consulting firm to manage their training requirements, and they had done wonders to bring up the staff on a whole new set of skills.

“As such, we don’t think that the company needs Manager of IT and think we can do with just a team lead.”

Cindy smiled, “Oh I agree. Things have been so much easier for the IT department these last few months, it basically runs itself!”

Then she furrowed her brow, “Though, what will we do with Karl?”

Karl was her current team lead, he was a great worker and did most of the day to day management of the team anyways, she would hate to lose him.

Ben just smiled and picked up a manila folder and extended it towards her, “Here, I think this should clear things up.” he said and she took it from him.

She flipped it open and started to read the document inside:

IT Secretary - Level 1
Salary: $29,690 + bonus (tied to performance)
Reports to: IT Lead - Level 3
Start date: Immediately
Responsibilities: (include but not limited to) 
    - Scheduling
    - E-mail
    - Office management
    - Documentation
    - Financial management
    - Other duties as assigned

I, Cindy Mattson, hereby accept the position above.

A little shiver ran through Cindy again as she read the position title and she almost had a small orgasm as she read the final line with a spot for her signature below it.

She looked up at Ben, a mix of desire, frustration, and confusion in her face, but it all disappeared with the giant smile that crossed her face as she saw him extending a pen towards her. She reached out and took it, her hand trembling a little as she set the folder and paper on the desk and signed her name.

“Great Cindy. Karl is just outside waiting, why don’t you see if he has any duties he’d like you to perform.”

This time Cindy couldn’t contain it and she let out a giggle as a wave of pleasure ran through her, “Oh, like totally!”

She stood up and turned around, pausing for a moment so Ben got a good look at her ass as she sashayed out of his office. She had so much work to do! She had to find a new apartment, she’d never be able to afford her current one on her salary now, she had to move all her stuff out of her old office so Karl could move in, and so much more.

She closed Ben’s door behind her and walked up to Karl who was sanding by the chair she had been waiting in early, a smile on his face, “So, what’s the good news?” he asked.

giggle Like, everything Boss! giggle

Karl smiled and nodded, “Great!” he said and he turned to head back to the IT department. She stepped up beside him and he slipped his arm around her, his hand resting on her ass. Another shiver of pleasure ran through her, as her boss, he had every right to her body, to use it in any way he wanted to.

“So Cindy, first things first. When we get back to your… I mean my office, I need you to type up a memo for the staff. You know, announcing your new position and such. Add in a quote from yourself, you know, something along the lines of how great it is to be working for such an amazing boss.” he said and gave her ass a squeeze at the end.

“Oh god yes Sir!” she replied enthusiastically.

She was already writing up the memo in her head as they walked back to his office, she’d have to get it out quickly if she wanted any chance at that bonus this year.

After all, how else was she going to afford a new set of tits on her salary?

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