A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday March 20, 2024

Sasha strode into her spare bedroom, confident, powerful, assured that she would get what she wanted.

She had spend months researching the summoning spell, finding the right one, to summon the right daemon that would make the deal she desired.

It would be easy, he would try and trick her, to escape without granting her what she desired, but she had her own tricks and she was prepared.

She walked into the room, the candles filling it with a erie glow, the pentagram laid out on the floor, her spell book on the stand just outside of the protective circle. She closed the door behind her and opened the leather bound tomb and started to read from it.

The candles flickered, the room grew darker, and goosebumps formed on her skin as energy crackled in the air.

As she read the last word the pentagram glowed bright red, a flash of light formed and then the room was filled with smoke and the smell of brimstone. She heard a low grown come from the center of the room and a smile crossed her lips.

“Oh great daemon, I have summon you and imprisoned you so we might make a pact.” she spoke aloud.

A deep, reverberating chuckle came from the smoke and she caught sight of two glowing red eyes through it. As it cleared more, she could see the animal like body of the daemon, long hair covering it, sharpe teeth in it’s slightly elongated snout, and two horns coming from it’s forehead.

“A pact? With one so low as you? I think not. Release me now and I will pretend this never happened and take my leave.” the daemon said.

It was her time to laugh, “Oh I think not daemon, you are bound, you will not leave till I release you.”

The daemon snorted and lunged towards her, only to come in contact with the edge of the pentagram and stop dead in its tracks.

“Not even a flinch… impressive. Alright human, what is it that you want?”

She smiled and narrowed her eyes, “My youth.” was her simple response.

The daemon raised an eyebrow, “Your youth, you are still so young, even for a human.”

It was true, she wasn’t old by any means, but she could see the signs. The little wrinkles, the slackening of her skin, the thinning of her hair. It wouldn’t be long an it would be easier to explain a new youthful appearance now than in a few more years.

“That is none of your concern daemon, it is what I want, it is what you will give me for your freedom.”

The daemon snorted and nodded, “Fine, a pact you shall have human. Your youth for my freedom.” it said and then held out his hand, running a claw along it to draw blood.

Sasha picked up the small knife from beside the tomb and similarly drew her own blood and then extended her hand into the pentagram where the daemon took it and she felt his power flow into her.

Sasha felt her body twist and contort as she collapsed onto the floor, the daemon letting go of her hand. She cried out, not in pain exactly, but because it felt like the right thing to do as her clothing burned away from her body.

The power felt like ants crawling all over her skin and she trashed back and forth, until it finally stopped and she laid naked, the daemon looking down above her as a wisp of smoke left her lips.

“What… what have you done?” she stuttered out, realizing her body wasn’t her own, or at least not the one she had before striking the pact.

The daemon smiled evilly down at her and then extended a single clawed finger towards her before raising his hand up. As he did, she levitated into the air, her hands and legs being spread to reveal her new form.

“I have granted you what you requested, youth. Though not in the same form as you had previously, but one more suited to my requirements.” he replied and then spun his finger around and her body followed.

Then she bent over at the waist and she felt his claws take hold of her hips just before his cock pushed up against her ass and deflowered her rear entrance.

This time she cried out in passion as his powered flowed into her and her orgasmed time and time again.

“Uhm, like, explain it to me again Daddy?” Sasha said as she leaned over, her massive tits fully on display, the pen at the corner of her lips, and then man glaring hungrily at her.

He was another Senator, a powerful man, but a stepping stone on the daemon’s quest for power in the modern world.

She, of course, had her youth, and had so for the last twenty years as the daemon had used her body to entice the rich and powerful.

She could be the dumb slutty school girl like she was now for this Senator. Or the dominatrix like she was for a billionaire she often saw. Or a high class prostitute like she was for the Vice President.

All of them used her.

All of them fucked her.

But none of them fucked her like the daemon did, so completely, so fully, that she wanted nothing more than to feel his power run through her once more. It was why she did anything and everything he commanded, why she fucked anyone and everyone he told her too, why she knew that no matter how long he wanted to use her in this way, she would willingly be used.

She had gotten what she wanted from the pact, her youth, and the daemon had gotten what he wanted, the freedom to dominate her and the whole world.

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