Red Eye Flight is a series of captions about a mysterious stranger with the ability to warp reality and the adventures he gets into when he flies the very friendly skies.

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Sandra sat waiting in her seat, the private jet of her friend that would take her across the country waiting for one additional passenger.

She wasn’t sure who it was, not that it mattered, Derek was generous with his wealth, and not just to her. They’d met in college and become fast friends, he’d gone on to found a tech startup that cashed in big during the dot com boom, she had climbed the corporate ladder to become a CEO of a small, but growing advertising firm.

She ran her fingers around her ear, pulling back a few strands of long brown hair that had fallen forward on to immaculate white blouse and then smoothed out her beige knee length skirt while she waited.

She knew she was beautiful, men hit on her all the time, even Derek had made a pass at her in the early days of their friendship, but she was more focused on other things and only dated casually.

Finally she heard footsteps coming up the stairs of the jet and she turned to see who the other passenger was, only to regret it.

The cold red embers that seemed to be cloaked in a darkness that emanated from him sent shivers through her and she turned away before even realizing she had moved. She could feel him coming towards her and then caught sight of his feet as he sat down right across from her.

Sandra was about to stand up and change seats when her legs gave out from under her and she remained exactly where she was. Minutes passed without a word spoken as the jet was closed up and taxied out onto the runway, soon they were in the air headed towards their destination.

Through sheer force of will she managed to rise to her feet, only to once more catch sigh of his eyes and feel the icky blackness that surrounded him. Sudden, she couldn’t move and felt those eyes burrowing into her.

“What… no…” she stuttered out as she felt a power overcome her and things start to change. Her blouse faded from her body, along with her skirt, leaving just her boring underwear, she felt her breasts start to grow and expand, her lips do the same as more curves started to form all over her body.

She let out a moan as the changes accelerated and she watched her white panties and bra darken and expand, merging into a single piece of black lacey lingerie that barely contained her body. Then, that same power entred her mind and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Sandra sat waiting in her seat in Derek’s private jet waiting for one additional passenger.

When Derek climbed the stairs and entered she looked at him, with bedroom eyes that told him she couldn’t wait to get into the air so she could fuck him.

She’d met Derek in college and had instantly known he would be her meal ticket, so she had latched onto him with all her might and never let go. When social media had taken off she’d found her niche as a sexy influencer, Derek had been very supportive, providing her everything she needed, from sexy clothing, to lavish vacations, to her giant fake tits.

Of course she’d shown her appreciation the only way she knew how, by being the perfect little sex kitten for him.

Derek walked over to her and leaned over, kissing her passionately as he groped one of her tits. She moaned as he did both and her hands reached out and fondled his hardening shaft in his pants.

He broke off the kiss after a few moments and she looked up at him with desire, “God baby, how are you gonna fuck me this time? Are you gonna fuck these big fake tits again? Or maybe you will pound this slutty little mouth? Go my pussy is so wet for you right now you could just slide right in and make me cum instantly!”

A wicked little smile crossed her lips, “Or… maybe… you’re going to finally pop my mile high anal cherry? Mmmmmm… god I’d so love to have your cock in my ass a mile deep.”

She felt his cock stiffen even more and she had her answer. As the jet’s door closed she could hardly wait to get to altitude and have Derek deep inside of her.