God why did her head hurt so much and why were her tits so big?

She giggled to herself as the answer came, oh yeah, she was a bimbo and was trying to think again.

She opened her eyes to see Jason, her roommate sitting across from her, and this time the giggle escaped her lips.

“Uhm, like, what were you say’n Sugar?” she asked.

Jason smiled and replied, “I was saying that I really wanted to see your tits. You wouldn’t mind showing them to me would you?”

Another giggle escaped her as she looked down at her tits and blinked a few times.

“Nah Sugar, I don’t mind at all!” she got out as her fingers worked her bra and she pulled it off, exposing her rock hard nipples atop her massive mammaries.

Jason smiled as he stared at her tits and a shiver of pleasure ran through her, right to her pussy. Without thinking her fingers went straight to her nipples and started to play with them.

“Mmmmm… Candy loves her big fat tits Sugar, you wanna play with them?”

Jason didn’t answer but instead came over and buried his face between her tits, she cupped them on the sides and pushed them together as she let out a gasp and moan.

Soon he was sucking, licking, flicking and squeezing her nipples and tits and she was lost in the pleasure of it all, her eyes closed as she moan and gasped at the attention. That is until it stopped and a moment later she felt something press up against her lips. Her eyes popped open to his his cock right in front of her face and without hesitation she wrapped her lips around it and sucked it in.

It wasn’t long before she was swallowing his cum and her own orgasm was washing over her.

“Hey Candace, do you have this months rent yet?” Jason asked as his roommate nearly ran for the front door from her bedroom.

Under his breath he added, “…or last months for that matter.”

“I’m late… gotta go… we can talk later about it.” she shouted back over her shoulders as she opened and slammed the front door closed.

Jason sighed, Candace had been a good roommate throughout university, but now that they had both graduated, she’d become a nightmare.

He’d gone on to get a job at a big pharmaceutical company and was making good money, so the cash really wasn’t the issue. No the real issue was that she still hadn’t gotten a job, or as far as he could tell, even really started to look for one.

Instead she spent almost all her time protesting… stuff. This week it was, in fact, the same company that he worked for. Next week it would be something different, the week after that something different again.

In fact, Candace had developed the attention span of a goldfish. A smile came to his lips as another analogy came to mind… or the attention span of a bimbo.

The company he worked for had lots of experimental drugs going through testing, and he was in charge of corelating the data on side effects. One particular drug sprung to mind as the testing was coming to an end and it wouldn’t pass for it’s primary purpose. Of course that didn’t mean the drug was useless, just not effective for what the company had wanted it for.

He was pretty sure he could get some of it, and if the side effects were as significant as the data suggested, it might just be a solution to his roommate problem.

After all, if Candace wasn’t going to be paying in cash for her rent, he would be willing to accept an alternate form of payment.