“Oh fuck baby, you’d better go, it’s the cops. Come back in a couple of hours, I’ll be back by then.” Tamara said and leaned back from the car, which quickly drove off.

As it did the unmarked cruiser pulled up on the other side of the street and came to a halt. She wiggled her ass across the street as the policeman rolled down his window.

“Can’t ya see I’m working here? Whatcha ya gotta come around and cause me trouble?” she almost shouted as she came up to the open window and leaned down to see Officer Rothson smiling at her.

“Get in.” he said simply and she frowned but walked around to the other side of the cruiser and opened the passengers side door.

She almost didn’t get the door closed before Rothson hit the gas and sped away.

“How’s business Tamara?” he asked as he drove.

“Fuck you Rothson…” she spat at him as she reached into her bra and pulled out a white envelope, then handed it to him.

He chuckled a little and felt the thickness of the envelope, “Looks like it’s good…” he replied as they pulled down a narrow alley. He came to a stop at the end and then shut off the car before getting out.

She snorted and shook her head, but got out as well and they both walked around to the front of the car.

Tamara stood in front of him for a moment and then got down on her haunches, her fingers working his pants as she looked up at him with a sneer.

“You’re a fucking asshole, you know that right?” she asked retorichally.

He just nodded and let her wrap her lips around his cock and get to work. She knew what was up, she was on his turf and it wasn’t just cash he demanded from the girls that worked there.

She sucked him in and started to bob up and down his dick, slurping and using her tongue like the pro she was. It wasn’t long before he grabbed her head and started to fuck her face properly.

She gagged and chocked liked a good little whore, never showing any kind of displeasure, until he was as hard as a rock. Then he pulled her upright, twisted her around and bent her over the warm hood of his car.

He grabbed hold of her stockings and tore them clean off her, then pushed her thong to the side before pushing up against her sphincter and blowing straight in.

Her mind cleared and she twirled her head around in horror, “YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!” she yelled at the top of her lungs but all that did was encourage him to go deeper.

“I’ll kill you! I’m going to fucking kill you Rothson!” but for some reason did nothing to stop him fucking her ass.

Captain Tamara Clark was no whore, no matter if she was bent over the hood of a police car getting her ass fucked!

He reached out and grabbed her hair and pulled her back hard, grunting as he pounded hard and deep into her ass, “That’s right Captain, tell me just how much of a corrupt cop I am again… tell me how you’re going to report me to Internal Affairs… tell me how fucked I am.”

“You so fucking dead! I’m going to… oh god… I’m… I’m…” she cried out but was unable to finish the thought as she felt the first spurt of Rothson cum enter her ass.

“OH GOD! I’m going to cum!!!!!” she screamed and her whole body twitched as Rothson emptied into her bowels and her orgasm crested.

Tamara pulled a wipe from her purse and cleaned her ass as best she could, tossing the wipe to the ground in the alley as Rothson sped away.

“Fucker could have at least given me a ride back.” she harrumphed as she started walking back to her street.

She didn’t pay any attention to the small mound of wipes that were on the ground, her thoughts back on the client the Rothson had scared away. Hopefully he’d be back, though she might have to give him a discount for the interruption.

Well, that wasn’t the worst thing in the world, she was a cheap whore to being with, so a discount wasn’t that much money in the end. She worked on volume after all.