Melody hadn’t know the kind of monster she had created when she suggested dressing up in latex to her boyfriend. He had seemed interested but calm. She should have know after the fifth or six outfit he had bought her that he was perhaps too interested.

When he suggested some role playing, her as the sex bot, she had stopped him dead in his tracks. Dressing up in sexy latex as one thing, but she was the one in control and she certainly wasn’t some kind of object.

He seemed to let it go and he still bought her new outfits on a weekly basis. This weeks hadn’t looked any different, it wasn’t the first to have a hood, but it was made out of a thicker material the the other ones.

Once she had it on though, the circuitry had came to life, taking over her body. She could feel it invading her mind, reaching in to every nook and cranny of her skull. Minutes later, Melody-bot was ready to obey any command her owner gave.