Jenny had been in LA for 5 years, coming from a small town in Tennessee to find fame and fortune in Hollywood.  When she had arrived, her wholesome look, with her short brown hair and conservative style had failed to win her any parts.

Four year later she was working as a waitress and her hopes had been completely destroyed.  It was another sunny day when he had entered the restaurant, another record producer, but somehow different.  Something must have caught his attention about her.  It couldn’t have been her slightly ratty uniform, or her long slightly fizzy hair, nor the simple makeup she was wearing. 

He had been charming and funny, something Jenny hadn’t had in her life for a long time and she quickly felt old feelings stirring in her.  Their first date had been romantic and exciting.  At the end he had given her a demo of some new music he was working on. 

Over the next few weeks they went out several more time, each ending with the gift of more music. By the end of the month she had started to dress differently and take more care of her appearance.  Their fifth date had ended in her bedroom, the sex had been mind blowing, better than anything she had experiences before. 

By the end of their second month together, she had dyed her hair and was wearing heals and short dresses.  She had quit her job and moved in to his apartment where the music played all the time.  If she hadn’t been thinking of sex all the time she might have found it strange that he wasn’t home much but when he was she was giddy with joy.

A few weeks later when he had suggested the breast implants she happily agreed.  when he mentioned he’d be away for a couple of week on holiday with his wife she had been concerned for a moment until she remembered she was his mistress.

Now, standing in the hallway waiting for his return, the only thought on her mind was how much she needed to please him.