When Delilah had seen him approach her in the club she sighed inwardly. Another goth wannabe. Her hair always attracted them, it was black, long and perfectly straight. She was about to turn him away before he started with whatever cheesy line he had prepared, but when she met his eyes she was suddenly lost for words.

Soon enough they were walking out of the club together and heading out in to the night. Finding herself lead down a dark alley he pushed her up against the wall and once again made eye contact. She was lost in the deep pools she found there and a moan escaped her lips as she tilted her head to the side.

The feel of his teeth breaking the skin sent an orgasm through her as he started to drain her. Her pleasure was soon overcome by the darkness that was engulfing her. She felt him pull out and she pushed herself towards him, desperate for him to continue. Instead he pushed her back, using his sharp teeth he opened a gash on he own finger and pushed it in to her mouth.

She drank eagerly, taking in his essence and letting it fill her. Soon her new master pulled out and she exploded in sexual release. He took hold of her and lead her to his car, they drove to a large house where he took her to the basement, placing her in a coffin and closed the lid.

The next night when she had been reborn, she rose. Waiting for her were new clothes, now her pale skin highlighted her jet black hair and corset. Her pink lipstick, left over from the night before, must have looked out of place she thought, unconsciously raising her gloved hand to her face.

She stopped half way there, in her mind he was calling to her. Her mind went blank as he commanded her to come to him and she obeyed her master’s call.