Haley looked over to the man across the club and froze in place, there was something about his eyes.  Something that forced her to keep looking as they penetrated her even as she wanted to look away.

And not that misty, feel it deep in your soul kind of penetration, no this was the kind of penetration she felt when her girlfriend used the big black strap-on on her.  Hard, bulging penetration deep in her pussy, it made her wet and slick before she knew what was happening.

He smiled and a small squeak escaped her lips as he took a step towards her, their eyes still locked together, her still unable to do anything but anticipate each step and the small wave of pleasure that came with him coming closer and closer to her.

When he finally arrived, she was desperate for something, anything to break the sexual tension and give her release, but instead he spoke and it only increased.

“Well, aren’t you a pretty little thing.  Tell me, are those pierced nipples I see?”

His voice echoed through both her mind and her pussy, causing both to vibrate with need, “Yes… Sir.” she replied, not knowing whey she called him Sir, but knowing it was right as soon as the word had escaped her lips.

“And all dressed up as well, are you waiting for someone?”

“Yes Sir, my girlfriend Vanessa.” the words came quickly out of her mouth, she needed to answer his questions, needed to hear his voice again.

“Girlfriend as in sexual partner?”

“Yes Sir.”

“That’s very good.  And your name?”

“Haley Sir.”

“Haley, well tell me Haley, are feeling horny right now?”

“Yes Sir.  Very horny Sir!”

“Yes, I thought so.” he replied and raised his hand to her face and gently stroked her cheek.

Haley felt a thousand orgasm explode one after the other as his finger trace down the side of her face, her knees went weak and she almost collapsed right there on the club floor.

When she recovered she looked up in to his eyes, the expression on her face one of total adoration.

“Now then Horny Haley, would you like to feel that again?”

“Yes Sir!  Please Sir, I’ll do anything…”

“Good, you see the three men over there in the both?”

Haley looked over at the booth, there were indeed three men in it, all dressed in suits.  They were clearly having a bachelors party for the one in the middle, the other two pointing out different women in the club.

“Yes Sir.”

“Go over and introduce yourself.  Tell them that your so horny that you need three big cocks, one for each of your
holes, right there in the middle of the club and that you won’t take no for an answer.  If all three men cum inside of you, then I’ll take home with me and use you for, well, at least a few days.  Can you imagine how good it would feel to have my cock inside of you?”

“Oh god, yes Sir!” Haley nearly screamed at the thought of him fucking her.  She turned to the three men and headed across the floor, walking right up to the booth and stopping just in front of them.

She pushed her hip out, extended her leg forward and placed her hands on her hips, “Hello boys, I’m Horny Haley and I just absolutely need three big cocks to stuff inside of me, would any of you know where I could find some?”

Haley watched the smiles cross the three mens faces and the the one in the middle lean to the side and look back to where she knew Sir was standing.  The man pointed at her with a questioning look and then smiled broadly when he got a signal or something he liked.

“Well Horny Haley, I think we know just the right three cocks for you.”  He replied and undid his pants, pulling them down and releasing his hardening shaft.

The other two stood up and walked over to each side of her as she stepped forward and bent over at the wait to take his shaft between her lips.

She felt one of the men pull down her panties and she stepped out of them, then one of them took her right leg
and hoisted it up in the air, exposing her pussy and ass.  

As she felt cock in her mouth push up against the back of her throat, she felt two more cocks push up against her dripping wet pussy and her tight rear entrance as her leg came to rest on one of the mens shoulder.

All three cocks moved in and out of her at their own pace, causing pleasure to wash over her body, sometimes overlapping and enhancing it, but it was nothing to the pleasure she received from knowing Sir was watching
her perform that task he had given her.

She felt the first load of cum enter her ass and an orgasm burst forth and her body clenched.  The man in her pussy came next and finally the man in her mouth held her head down and spurted down her throat.  She swallowed as quickly as she could while sucking every last drop from him.

As the three men pulled out of her, she collapsed on to the floor, cum dripping from every orifice as she smiled across the room at Sir.

She watched Sir walk towards them, her eyes never leaving him, until he stood above her and turned to the man sitting behind her.

“Well boys, I think that’s enough fun for tonight don’t you?  I mean you have a big day tomorrow after all.”

“Fuck, I still don’t know how you do that Bro, but yea, we should get going.”

The three men tucked their dicks back in their pants and collected their things and left, Haley still stared up adoringly.

“Ok Horny Haley, time to go.”  Sir said, extending a hand down.

She took his hand and nearly came again, but managed to just keep herself together long enough to grab her panties.

“Ok, leave those, you won’t be needing them anymore.”

Haley dropped them without another thought and managed to get to her feet. He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in to him, this time her knees did give out and the only reason she remained upright was the
strong hold he had on her.

Just as they were walking to the door, Vanessa enter the club and made a bee line for them.

“Well, this is a surprise.  Vanessa, is this little plaything yours then?”

“Why yes it is.  I’ll be taking her back now if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, if I’d known, I would have chosen someone else.”

“Oh don’t worry about it, I don’t mind loaning her out, just as long as I get her back.”

Vanessa held out her hand and Haley looked up at Sir questioningly.

“Take her hand Haley, it will be fine.”

Haley reached out and touched Vanessa’s hand, an orgasm running through her body as her Mistress reclaimed her.