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Kimmy stood in front of the mirror and snapped a selfie, sending it to Tom like she did every day before getting to work around the house, “Is this ok Sir?”

A moment later the reply came, “Good girl.” and a chill ran down her spine as she dropped to her knees and bowed her head before replying.

“Thank you Sir.”

Her pussy twitched as her fingers hovered just over it, she ached for his cock in her but he’d told her she couldn’t masturbate until after her work was done so instead she stood up and started to clean the house.

It was a big house, on a detectives salary Tom could only afford so much, but she was just so happy that he’d taken her in after her breakdown that she didn’t mind at all.

She’d been so silly thinking she could compete with the boys on the force, so stupid to thing she was their equal.  The stress had finally gotten to be too much and it had all come crashing down when she’d gone undercover.

She’d dressed up and tried her hardest but failed miserably.  When she’d gone back empty handed she’d done the only thing she could think of and fuck her partner to try and cover it up.

He’d taken her right there in the parking lot, bent over his car’s hood, her screams echoing throughout the structure as she begged him to use her.

But that had only delayed the inevitable and when she’d been sent for the psych exam they’d put her on long term sick leave immediately.

Tom, bless him, had been right there for her, fucking her again that same night.

Of course being on sick leave didn’t pay as well as full time work and soon her savings had run low.  Perhaps getting the boob job hadn’t been the best use of her money, but Tom had let slip one night while fucking her that he like big fake tits and she’d been desperate to get them after that.

When she’d told Tom she was going to be moving out of her apartment, he’d been a sweetheart and suggested she move in to his place.  She’d been so excited she’d gotten under the restaurant table and given him a blowjob right then and there.

But she was bored during the day when he was at work, but like always, he had a solution to that as well.

All she had to do was quit the force and take a job as his live in maid.  It didn’t pay well, just room and board, but it would keep her busy during the day.

It was perfect of course, no more stress, no more worries, just a simply job for a simple girl like her.

Tom opened the door and entered his home, Kimberly was kneeling in the hallway, her massive tits straining the fabric of the “maids” uniform she was wearing.

He smiled and closed the door, walking up to her he reached down and tilted her head up by the chin and pressed his thumb against her lower lip.  She wrapped both lips around it and suckled at it, letting out a moan as she did so.

When Mr. Towers’ men had approached him, his initial reaction was to arrest them right then and there.  But they hadn’t said any that would hold up in court and he hadn’t been after two low level thugs like those two anyway.

But the more they talked the more interested he became, the things they were hinting at weren’t possible where they?

He looked down at Kimberly and smiled, it was hard to believe now that he’d ever doubted Mr. Towers.

But as much as the tales from the men had intrigued him, it wasn’t until he meet Mr. Towers and been shown the video of another “recycled” woman, as Mr. Towers called them, that he’d started to take him seriously.

A simple check of the local news confirmed what he’d said, a particularly thorny social justice warrior had suddenly had a complete change of heart and six months after that had been found dancing at a strip club on the outskirts of the city.

That had sold him and he’d betrayed his fellow agent in a heartbeat.  It turned out that Mr Towers had a good portion of police force on his payroll already and no one even blinked at Kimberly’s sudden breakdown.

He pulled his thumb from between her lips and a pout appeared on her face, but only for a second as he undid he belt and let his pants drop to the floor.  Kimberly quickly looped her fingers around the waist band of his underwear and pulled them down, freeing his hardening shaft that she quickly took in to her mouth to replace the missing thumb.

He grabbed her hair and pushed deep into her throat, stroking in and out as her hands flew to her sides and she let him guide her without any resistance.

He didn’t have long tonight, it was his anniversary after all and he had to get home to his wife in time to take her out to a fancy dinner.

After a few minutes he pushed deep in to Kimberly’s throat and let his load go.  He pulled her off of his shaft and pushed her backwards, she steadied herself with a hand and giggled, “Mmmmm, thanks Tom.  Like I really need that!”

Tom smiled and chuckled, “Yea, I know, but I don’t have time for seconds tonight.  Got to get back to work.”

“Awwwweee… But Tom…” she wined as he flicked a few drops of cum from his dick on to her prone body before pulling up his underwear and pants.

“Don’t worry Kimmy, I’ll be back tomorrow.“ he said as he walked back out of the house he’d bought with the cash Mr. Towers was paying him to make sure no other investigations start about his activities.

He headed to the car, a bouquet of flowers in the front seat for his wife and he frowned slightly.  She hadn’t put out in years, she’d gone fridged almost right after the honeymoon.  Maybe he’d talk to Mr. Towers about recycling her too.