Vivian crossed her legs and smiled as she looked out the window of the private jet, all of her hard work had finally paid off. The hours at the gym, all the surgeries, everything had been building to this very moment.

She’d met Victor a few months ago at a high society party, she’d snuck in without an invite, but no one bothered checking a pretty girl dressed for the occasion at those kinds of parties. He’d been standing to one side of the main dance floor, she watched women come and go, obviously vying for his attention and settled on a plan. The few he had chosen to talk to seemed to be professional women; doctors, lawyers, etc. Fortunately for her she had a degree in “street smarts” and paid attention to all the important stories in the news.

She’d smiled and approached him, picking up on a slight accent, she asked him where he was from.

He’d been impressed, few could tell he had an accent and he’d probed her knowledge of eastern European geography as he tried not to answer the question directly.

She’d played his game, giving as good as she got and they’d talked for the rest of the night with their verbal jousting.

A few weeks later they were spending more and more time together and soon she was walking in the front door of high society on Victor’s arm.

He’d invited her on a new years eve trip just a couple of days ago, he was heading home for a few days with the family and she was overjoyed to accept.

She turned from the window and looked over at Victor, he was older than she would have liked, but she could always trade up now that she was with the “in” crowd. She’d already started to make friends among Victor’s social circle and it would only be a matter of time before she reach out beyond it.

She watched Victor’s chest rise and fall, his eyes closed as he slept on the plane. She reached out and picked up her glass of wine, taking a first sip as the waves passed by below them.

It wasn’t long before she began to feel the heat rise between her legs and she headed to the bathroom. It was strange, she hadn’t felt this sexually aroused in… well.. a long time, well before she met Victor. But there was no denying the feeling and she knew she could easily take care of it herself. She hiked up her skirt and started to massage her clit, the feeling growing stronger and stronger.

She gasped and moaned as her free hand reached up and squeezed her breast, sending more need straight down to her pussy.

She rubbed and pulled at her body for at least 30 minutes, but no matter what she did, she was unable to relive herself.

Desperate, she stood up and walked out of the bathroom, her panties discarded on the sink, back in to the main cabin of the plane. There Victor was sitting, naked, with a smile on his face.

“Something the matter dear?” he asked.

Her eyes were fixated on his dick, laying limply between his legs. She took a step forward and he raised his hand, “Just stay there for a moment, let me see how wet your pussy is.”

Her body stopped almost of it’s own accord and her hands reached down and pulled her dress up, the glistering lips of her pussy exposed for him to see.

“Oh very nice, I bet your desperate to cum aren’t you?”

“Y… ye… yes!” she managed to get out between gasps.

“Yes, yes you are, but you’ve been a naughty little girl haven’t you? Flirting with my friends, trying to find someone better were you?”

“I… I… oooooo…” she nearly fell to the carpet as another wave of need blossomed in her.

“No matter, I can forgive you, all you have to do is turn over a new leaf. Make a new years resolution as it were.”

“P… please….” she said never taking here eyes off of his dick, taking a half step forward before taking it back.

“Yes, that wine really packs a kick doesn’t it. Specially made in my families winery, it’s really done on a number on your libdo, among other things.”

Her fingers slide up and down her slick pussy lips as another moan escaped her lips.

“Stop that, no playing with yourself unless I tell you to.”

Her fingers stopped immediately but the need increased as well.

“You see the wine has made you very… open minded… as well. So repeat after me and what you say will become the new you. I love Victor more than anyone else, even more than myself.”

“I… I love Victor more than anyone else… even more than myself…” she let out a low moan as her head fell backwards and she felt it become real. Her love for him outweighed anything else.

“I want what’s best for Victor, my wants and needs are not important.”

“I… I… want what’s best for Victor… my wants… and needs are not important.” It was true, a moment ago she had only thought about satisfying the burning need in her pussy with Victors dick, but now she knew it was Victor’s dick that was important, not her burning need at all.

“Victor wants a horny, slutty, trophy wife and that’s what I am.”

“Victor wants a horny… oh god… slutty… moan… trophy wife and that’s what I am.” She reached up and pulled her tits free of her dress and squeezed them together.

“I will do anything and everything Victor wants because I am nothing more than a trophy wife, fuck slut, sex doll.”

“I will do anything and everything Victor wants because I am nothing more than a trophy wife, fuck slut, sex doll.” the words spilled from between her lips rapidly.

“Good, now pleasure me with those lips, tits, pussy and ass… in that order.”

Vivian dove for his crotch and wrapped her lips around his soft cock, working it in and out of her mouth until it stiffened. Then she rose up slightly and took it between her tits, pumping it up and down between them.

After a few minutes she rose up, straddled him and lowered herself on to his cock, guiding it in to her pussy as he mauled her tits.

She bounced up and down, moaning and gasping as he slide in and out of her needly pussy, it wasn’t long before he held her ass up and she rotated her hips, presenting her tight rear entrance that she slowly lowered herself on to him.

When she finally felt his cum enter her bowels, her own orgasm crested and she cried out in bliss as whatever was contained in the wine burned her new self on to her brain.

Victor looked down at Vivian, her crumpled body on the floor and smiled.

He wasn’t sure if he would be keeping her yet, though she had certainly performed well so far. Finding just he right kind of woman who would be effected by the wine was always a challenge, but that was also half the fun.

He’d sifted through hundreds of them over the last year, most were too smart, or too stupid, but Vivian had proven to be just right. But the most important attribute he needed was what Vivian had in spades, a devious mind.

There was something about the way a devious mind worked that made it exceptionally vulnerable to the wine, no one knew why, just that was the way it was.

He’d have some fun with her of course, these family get togethers were always so competitive, but he was sure his newest toy would outshine anything his brothers might bring with them ensuring that he once again kept the mantle of head of the family for another year.