Samantha felt the cool stone of the kitchen island on her as an a small smile crossed her lips as she placed her hands on it as well. Behind her were the cupcakes she’d just finished baking and now all that was left was for her husband to arrive home, so she pushed her tits out and waited.

As soon as she heard the front door open her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened, the smile on her face broadening from ear to ear as each footfall she heard brought him closer and closer to her.

It had been four months since she’d taken on her new role in the relationship as his dedicated homemaker and slut, at first the change had been hard, but now every fiber of her being was eager for it.

She’d married Jason as a status symbol, a hot dumb hunk she could parade around at company functions and other events as she rose up the ranks in the company. She’d just been promoted to senior manager and was already planning on how to stab her VP in the back and take his job.

And then… then there was the meeting. She still couldn’t quite remember much about it, only that it was with her VP and another man. Well that wasn’t quite true, she could remember Jason coming in to the room about half way through the meeting, but she couldn’t remember why he was there or what the three men talked about. The only other thing she could remember was the incessant humming, it seemed to drown out everything else and she couldn’t understand how the men were talking over it let alone hearing each other.

It had been such a confusing meeting for her, she was usually on top of everything, especially meetings with senior executives, but afterwards things seemed to make a lot more sense. And not just about work, but about everything in her life.

Why had she been working so hard to get ahead when it was so much easier to just smile and giggle and let the men take care of the work? Why was she dressing like some old lady when she was still young and hot? Why had she always thought of sex as work when it should have been so much more fun?

By the time she arrived home that evening, it was like she was a wild animal in heat. She nearly jumped Jason from across the living room and soon she was bent over the arm of the couch getting the fucking of her life.

She’d called in sick the next day, and the day after that, and for the rest of the week. She spent all day sucking and fucking Jason until he was no longer up to the task. Then, she’d started cleaning and cooking, until he was ready once more.

Then one day, he’d gone out for an interview, which was unusual as he hadn’t worked a day since she’d met him. But he came back smiling, telling her all about how he’d landed a new job… her job to be precise.

She had been confused, but a quick blow job settled her down and she giggled as she signed the paperwork he’d put in front of her, with the promise he’d fuck her good and properly as soon as she did so. She’d been his dedicated homemaker and slut ever since.

Samantha watched him enter the kitchen and step right up to her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her in to him, placing a kiss on her lips and pushing his tongue in to her mouth. She moaned and returned the favour.

Then he spun her around and bent her over the counter, flipping her tiny skirt up to reveal her naked pussy. His fingers slid over it until she heard his pants drop and they were replaced with his hard cock. She moaned like the slut she was and gasped as he entered her.

She whimpered and moaned and mewed with each of his strokes, her body alive with pleasure until he finally came inside of her and she arched her back, crying out in pure bliss.

She slumped back on to the counter when it was over, his cum dribbling from her pussy as she lay there, satisfied in a way that words could never capture. Then her forehead wrinkled as she stared at the cupcakes, the icing slightly off-center on the one closest to her and her lower lip quivered just slightly.

It was terrible! She’d tried so hard to make them perfect, just like she spent so much time trying to make herself perfect, how could she have failed so badly!

She managed to prop herself up and stand, looking around before walking to the cupcakes under their glass dome and lifting it. Picking up the offending cupcake, she rearranged the others to fill the empty space that it left and then she placed the dome over them once more.

She walked to the door which had the trash can behind it and opened it, dropping the offending pastry in to it. She closed the door with a satisfied smile, then promised that tomorrow, tomorrow, they would be perfect, just like her.