Jenni pushed her tits out and grabbed her hair behind her head, a week ago it had been a dark brown, but now it was half way to blonde and the rest was fading each day.

“Jimmy!” she whined, “Look at my tits!”

Jim looked away from the TV and over to her against the wall, “Are they bigger again today? Do we need to go bra shopping *again*?” he asked, looking plaintively to her.

“Ummm, like maybe…” she replied, gabbing them and squeezing them together, let out a little moan as the pleasure coursed through her.

“Citizens are encouraged to stay inside until the source of the infection can be determined. If anyone you know is displaying signs of infection, go straight to your local emergency room.” the TV blared and Jim’s head swiveled back to it.

He frowned and felt a pang of guilt come over him. It had been the same message for the last three weeks, the authorities warning of the plague that was running rampant across the country. At first he had thought they were safe, being in a smaller city on the other side of the country from where the first outbreak had been reported. But then the first cases had been reported just a few hundred miles away from them and he’d become more concerned.

It wasn’t until Debra, just two floors above them, had stumbled in to the lobby of their apartment building, her hair a disheveled tangle of blonde locks and nearly naked otherwise, that he’d become really concerned.

They’d agreed that Jennifer should stay home, but it had already been too late. A few days later he’d noticed the first strand of blonde hair, but he’d been in denial.

Then, as more and more of the changes had progressed, he’d tried to rationalize it at each step of the way. So what if Jennifer had suddenly been a bit randy? He could handle it. And she’d always wanted larger breasts. Losing those few pounds that always hung around her hips seemed like a good thing too.

He should have taken her to the emergency room as soon as he’d seen that single blonde hair, but now it was too late. He let out a little sigh and turned back to Jennifer, her smiling face beaming at him as she pulled her top down, exposing her breasts.

She wiggled her way over to the couch he was sitting on and leaned over the back of it, pushing her breasts in to his face, “Jimmy, play with my tities… ppplllllleeeeeaaassssseeeeee!”

He took on of the stiff nipples between his lips and sucked on it, while reaching up and grabbing the breast, squeezing it in his hand as he did so.

“Oh god Jimmy, yeah, suck that titty! *giggle*” Jennifer cried out and her hand reached down to find Jim’s hardening shaft beneath his pants.

Soon she had his pants undone and her lips around his dick and soon enough the guilt he felt faded away. After all, there were a dozen or more blonde bimbos walking around the apartment building so he was certainly not alone in giving in to the temptation of letting the virus run it’s course.