Tanya pushed her tits out as she leaned against the cement block wall, turning her head to the side, her expression was one of concern mixed with confusion as she looked towards the man she could only think of as ‘Master’.

His smiling face looked back at her and he gave her an encouraging nod as a voice filled the room, “As you can see ladies and gentlemen, Tanya here is in fine shape, with no changes done since she was relieved of her duties as the ADA.”

Tanya’s head snapped back forward and she looked out over the small crowd of men and women. Then she turned around, stepped away from the wall a bit and spread her legs apart before bending over and pushing her face up against the cool concrete.

“As you can see, her reputation as a real hard ass was well earned!” the voice said and a chuckle rose up from the crowd behind her.

“Now then, do I hear an opening bid of $50,000? Thank you commissioner, do I have 75?” Tanya heard as she turned around once more and posed before the wall.

Tanya bit her lower lip as a shiver ran down her spine, she was being sold off like some kind of piece of meat! She was an assistant district attorney!

But that wasn’t true anymore and she knew it, not since the day he’d walked into her office to discuss the charges against him. She knew she’d known his name, though she could no longer recall it before that last day that she had been to her office.

He’d started talking to her, at first making no sense at all, then, slowly but surely, he made more and more sense. She was too pretty to waste her time as an ADA, she needed to show off her body more. All those book smarts she’d accumulated through university and work were just useless, nothing she had to think about. All she had to know was how to look pretty and nod at whatever a man told her.

It wasn’t long before she had been on her knees sucking his dick and ever since she’d been her Master’s plaything. Sucking and fucking whenever and whoever he wanted her to.

“I have 200 thousand, going once… going twice… sold to the DA for $200 thousand dollars.” Tanya heard as the bang of a gavel rang through the room.

It brought her back to the present as her whole world flipped upside down. Her Master was still her Master and always would be, but now, the old, overweight man stepping from the crowd towards her held her attention.

He was the DA, her old boss, and her new owner.

He stood before her, placing his right hand on her chin and turning her head from side to side, inspecting his new purchase, “Not so indignant now are you Tanya?”

His touch sent a wave of pleasure racing down to her pussy and she let out a little whimper, “Please… Sir…” she managed to get out, her lower lip quivering as she did.

She could still remember the day in his office, his lewd suggestions and double entendres sending a wave of disgust throughout her. But now all she felt was lust.

“I just can’t decide if you’d make a better maid at my home or a personal assistant at my office. But then again, why do I have to choose at all? You’d be happy to be both wouldn’t you?”

“Y… yes Sir… I’ll be happy to be both. Your horny little maid, always ready to clean your cock and balls as well as your sexy secretary, eager to take dick-tation!” she replied, letting out a moan as he pushed his thumb between her lips and she eagerly sucked on it.

“Good, good. Though I think I’ll have to make some changes so no one at the office recognizes you.” he replied and popped his thumb from between her lips. Then he reached around her waist, grabbed her ass and started to lead her from the room.

She gave one last look over her shoulder at her Master, his smile telling her all she needed to know, as she walked with her owner to her new life.