A hands on kind of leader...

Monday November 02, 2020

Destiny smiled as she watched the looping gif, she sometimes liked to scroll back in her feed and she her old posts like this one.

She could still feel how amazing it was to have that cock in her ass, his name was… was.. well, it really didn’t matter. She hadn’t seen him again after that night anyway.

She shook her head a little to each side, had she really ever been that flat chested? She looked down at her protruding tits and smiled even more, it had been what, 3 or was it 4 surgeries since that clip had been taken? Yes, four, though she suspected she’d be scheduling another one next year.

She hadn’t always been the anal loving slut she was today, in fact she could still clearly remember the first time a boyfriend had suggested it and she’d slapped him across the face. She had a new boyfriend later that same week.

That was how it had been throughout her life, she had no desire for anal and kicked any boyfriend that broached the subject to the curb. She’d in fact just done so a few weeks before this video had been taken. She’d gone to a club with some friends and been flirting with cute guys all night, getting pretty drunk, and looking to score.

She didn’t know, at the time, why she’d picked him to take home, though in hindsight it was obvious. He wasn’t her type, or any other girl’s that had been there. He was at least twenty years older than the oldest girl there, had more than a few extra pounds, a receding hairline and was generally disgusting.

But she’d been on his arm, hanging off of it for dear life as they walked out of the club together and in to the cab to her place. She made out with him in the back of the cab, she made out with him in the elevator, she made out with him on her couch, and then she was fucking him in her bed.

At some point he’d rolled her over on to her back, bent her legs back beside her head and had been pounding her pussy for some time. It was the best fucking her pussy ever had and she was crying out, begging him to go deeper and harder.

Then, to her utter horror, he pulled out and she felt his dick press up against her sphincter. Without any thought her hand flew up and slapped him across the face. The shock in his eyes was palpable, but it was what happened next that made her the total anal slut she was today.

It was like he’d reached right in to her skull, grabbed her brain with both hands, and then squeezed. She watched the exertion cross his face as she attempted to scream out, her lungs and lips failing her. Then, it was gone.

She blinked several times, unsure what had happened, but he had already made his move and once more she felt him push up against her sphincter, but this time her mind exploded in pleasure.

It wasn’t long before she was begging him to fuck her ass, with more gusto than she had been begging him to fuck her pussy just a few moments earlier. He proceeded to do so, over and over, orgasm after orgasm crashing over her until she lost conciousness from an overload of pure bliss.

When she woke up in the morning, he was gone. No trace of him left in her apartment, and she almost wondered if it had all been a dream. But the low dull throbbing coming from her ass left no doubt about the reality of the night.

She had pushed it out of her mind, partly trying to deny it, partly due to the absurdity of it, and went on with her weekend and week. She managed to avoid thinking too much about it until the next Friday night, when she’d picked up another guy, at another bar, and taken him home.

He was drunk, not very good to say the least, but even he should have been able to pleasure her a bit. It wasn’t that he wasn’t trying, he’d eaten her out, played with her nipples and clit, and was now hammering her with some skill, but there was nothing coming from her pussy.

Her ass on the other hand, it was like it was screaming out for attention. Eventually she could take no more and she’d gently pushed him back, grabbed his hard dick, and aimed it at her ass. He barely registered what was happening and promptly resumed his thrusting when she let him.

She’d cum at least twice that night with him in her ass and she understood what had happened, at least what the result of what had happened was.

The next few weeks she’d gone to friends and doctors to try and figure out what was wrong, but no one found anything. That didn’t stop her though, as each passing day her ass demanded more and more attention. Soon she was trolling hookup sites to find a man, any man, to fuck her ass in the middle of the week.

Destiny scrolled forward in her feed and clicked on the add button, selecting an image from her latest photo shoot to post…

“Hey boys, Destiny is ready to have these big fake titties fucked and give you a nice sloppy blowjob to get you ready for the main event! Remember, your destiny is bury your cock in my ass!”

She hit send on the message and in only a few seconds the likes started to appear. Lining up men to fuck her was a full time job, luckily there were lots of men that would pay to fuck her ass, so things balanced out that way.

She squinted at the photo and frowned a little, was it time to get her lips refilled already?

She thought back to the video she had been watching just a few minutes ago and compared herself between the two. There as very little, if anything, left of her from the video. The platinum blonde hair, the puffy lips, the heavy makeup, the huge tits. These were not a part of what he’d done to her, these were things she’d done to herself.

Becuase, while her pussy was a useless, dry hole that brought her no pleasure, that didn’t mean that the rest of her body couldn’t. And if she didn’t try and balance out the searing bliss of a cock in her ass with something else, she would have gone crazy long ago.

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