Kimmy smiled as she sat on the bench waiting, trying to look like a perfect little asian doll and catch the attention of one of the men milling about.

This was only her third time attending one of these events and she knew she wasn’t the most desirable girl around the pool. She’d seen several of the other girls come in and out of their private huts, and she still had a long way to go to match them.

She was going to the gym every day, trying to lose the little bit of fat she had left around her midsection, and tone her legs. She was still getting used to the high heels, often stumbling in them when she walked for any distance.

But it was her personality that she was working on the hardest. All the blondes were perfect little bimbos, the raven haired girls were aggressive sluts, the redheads were wild whores. She was… well, none of those things.

The first time she’d come, she’d tried to be the smart, assertive lawyer she had always been. Which had ended disastrously with her being left with no one at the end of the party.

The second time she’d tried to tone it down, letting the men come to her, which worked better and one of them had taken in to her private hut and let her give him a blow job. But she was unsatisfied still.

The man had made a comment on the way out, something to the effect that he’d only let her do it to get her to shut up and put her mouth to a better use. This had really stuck with her and this time she was going to be more successful because of it.

Kimmy watched a man coming towards her and her heart raced as he stopped right in front of her and inspected her. She tried to remain still, to wait for him to make the decision of what to do next, and she mostly succeeded, only pushing her chest out a little more after a few seconds of his eyes on her.

“Not bad. What’s your name?” the man asked.

“Kimmy *giggle*” she replied, moving her finger to her lower lip, titling her head down and blushing a little.

“Oh, I like that Kimmy. Tell me, what do you like?”

“Kimmy like fucky sucky. Kimmy like big white cock Sir.” she replied, almost in a whisper but loud enough she knew it would hear her clearly.

He smiled and extended his hand, she let out a giggle and took it as he pulled her to her feet. She wobbled on her heels as he pulled her in tightly to his side and pushed aside the curtain to her private hut.

It wasn’t long before he had her on her back, fucking her pussy as she squealed and giggled. She could hear her own voice saying degrading, disgusting things, that only made her hornier and hornier.

By the time she recovered from the massive orgasm that had come over her, the man was gone and she scurried to get back to the bench to put herself on display once more.

There were still hours left in the party, and if she was lucky she’d get a couple of more men to fuck her, and that was all she wanted.

David looked at Ben, the party organizer, “So, how do the numbers look?”

Ben looked up from the tablet in his hand and smile, “Good, very good. We’re up 20% from last time so far and we’ve sold out an hour earlier too.”

“Good, good. How’s Kimberly coming along?”

“Oh, let me check…” Ben replied and tapped the tablet several times.

“Would you look at that, she just had her first full service visit and got an eight out of ten in the review. Not bad for a newbie.”

David nodded, “Yeah, not bad at all. Keep tabs on her for the rest of the day, I want to see a breakdown of her performance after the party.”

“You got it.” Ben replied and made a note for himself on the tablet before heading back out to the pool to do a walk around.

For his part, David was relieved, you never knew how those short notice conversions would go. Sometimes they fought it so hard that they ended up being broken in ways that even he couldn’t use.

Kimberly Maxwell seemed to be well on her way though, which was a weight off his shoulders. Not because the conversion had taken for her, but because her threatened lawsuit would never see the light of day.

Running such a business had it’s risks, mostly from law enforcement honestly, but every once in a while something else would pop up. Kimberly had stumbled upon their operation when she was representing the husband of one of the other girls David had recruited for the parties.

His team was always careful to recruit girls that had limited ties, but once in a while you’d run across a boyfriend or even husband. Both were easily taken care of once the conversion had taken hold and that was the case here too.

It was only by accident that Kimberly had found out about the parties when she’d placed a tail on the soon to be ex-wife of her client and they’d managed to get a photo of her in her private hut.

Kimberly used it to get a better deal for her client, but that wasn’t a problem really. Kimberly was too smart for her own good and had figured out something else was going on when the ex-wife quickly agreed to whatever terms Kimberly had asked for. She’d dug deeper and deeper until she’d know most of the truth.

At which point she’d confronted David with an ultimatum, pay up or see you in court.

He had to admit he was impressed, blackmail was a hobby of his own to be honest, and he admired the balls she had shown in confronting him. It didn’t take long for him to track down the private investigator she’d used, and a small bribe delivered her “safety net” packet of incriminating information to him.

Once that had been taken care of it was an easy capture and release when she’d arrived to pick up the blackmail money.

Three weeks later she’d shown up for her first party, having recently quit her job and looking to make some money.

David smiled and made a mental note to drop by her hut before the end of the party and unload his own balls in to her, as a sign of respect of course, between two blackmailers.