A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday November 04, 2020

Bambi sat on the counter in the studio as Johnathan snapped another photo.

Ok, calling it a studio was a stretch, it was just their garage and he was still working on renovating it, much like he was with her mind.

She full well knew what was going on, just like she knew her real name wasn’t Bambi, even if that’s what her ID card now said. She was pretty sure that it had been a drivers license at some point, it seemed like something she would have had to have had at some point, but at least that part of her mind’s renovations seemed complete.

He’d been working on her mind for almost a year, when she’d agreed to it, she’d never imagined how far he’d take it.

She’d been out of work, recently single, and getting desperate at the time. Johnathan had been a friend… well, maybe friend was too strong of term, a known acquaintance perhaps would be a better way to put it. She’d known him for a couple of years as he owned the bar that she spend many Friday and Saturday nights in, getting free drinks from the guys that frequented the place.

He had to be at least twenty years older than her, not in great shape, and most definitely a bachelor. She’d heard stories of him “helping out” some of the girls that frequented the bar when they needed it, for a price of course.

She had avoided asking him for as long as she could, but eventually she was evicted from her apartment, her bills were all past due, and she had no other option left.

They’d talked through the details, she’d move in to his place and he’d take care of all of her bills, expenses, and needs. She’d of course be expected to, well, take care of his needs as well. She was a realist and understood what would be expected and so she’d agreed, figuring in a couple of months at most she’d get back on her feet and move out again.

Two months turned in to three, three turned in to four, and four in to five.

There seemed to always be a reason to not look for a job; she was having too much fun, the sex was too good, she enjoyed being told what to do too much.

At the time, she hadn’t realized he’d already started renovating her mind, but by the end of the fifth month he’d offered to change their arrangement and she’d been eager to do so.

The new arrangement was simple, she’d let him renovate her mind to make her more suited to take care of his needs, and he’d, well, he really didn’t say what he’d do for her. But it didn’t matter, she’d accepted the new agreement and soon she was sitting in front of the TV in her room with a set of headphones on for several hours each day.

She understood now that in those first five months he’d been pumping in subliminal messages to her mind through the music that often played in the house, or through the TV in her room. They hadn’t been as effective in the smaller, diffuse doses she had received, but now with her mind focused on them directly, they were much more effective.

She’d already been using his home gym in the basement once in a while, but now she spent at least an hour a day in it. She hadn’t noticed it, but her vocabulary and speech had slowly changed over those months too, but it was only a week or so before more drastic changes had started once her new routine was in place. She quickly dropped words larger than four or five letters from her vocabulary, often referred to herself in the third person, started giggling a lot, and after just a couple of weeks could hardly think of herself as anything but Bambi.

By the end of the sixth month the renovations were well underway.

It was part way through the seventh month when one day she had been trying to wrap her small tits around his cock that she’d looked up at him and pouted before she heard her own voice speak, “Baby, like Bambi’s titties are sooooo small! Bambi wants big fake titties… Bambi *needs* big fake titties!”

Before she knew it she was at a plastic surgeons office, telling the doctor how big she wanted her tits, how small she wanted her nose, how full she wanted her lips.

Johnathan had paid for it all of course and when she’d healed up and the doctor had given her a clean bill of health, she’d shown Johnathan just how much she appreciated it. By wrapping her new tits around his cock and jacking him off until he cam all over her new face. She orgasmed so hard it was honestly hard to tell who enjoyed it more.

That had been three months ago, and since then he’d continued the renovations of her mind. Removing the insecurities she used to have about her body, building up her self confidence about showing her body off, opening up the space in her mind to all kinds of new ideas of what pleasure was.

Last month, he’d had her dress up in a tight little miniskirt, a barely there top and a set of heels that were almost impossible to walk in, and taken her out to the garage. At the time it had simply been an empty space, the widows covered over and the walls painted pink. The only thing in it was a single couch that sat in the middle of the space and a camera on a tripod in front of it.

Her pussy had moistened immediately and only moistened more as he instructed her to sit on the couch and stike different poses as he took photos. She flipped her skirt up and played with her pussy, she pulled her top over her tits and played with her nipples, she played with her pussy and then sucked her fingers.

Eventually Johnathan couldn’t take it any more and set the camera on automatic, stepped out from behind it and bent her over the arm of the couch and fucked her senseless.

Well, not quite senseless as the flash of the camera mesmerized her and she continued to look directly at it.

That photo shoot was still in the loop of images that she watched every day with her headphones on. Including screen shots of those photos on the website that Johnathan had setup to host them on along with the degrading comments that many of the subscribers posted.

There were lots of other photo shoots of course, each one shot in the garage as Johnathan worked on the renovations, each making her just as horny as the first. But today was different, today was going to be the first video shoot and as such she’d put on the outfit she’d been dying to wear for weeks.

The outfit that her renovated mind knew would be the final design of her new mind, even if it wasn’t yet quite complete.

She watched Johnathan put the camera down and the red record light come on the video camera beside him. A smile crossed her lips as she leaned back against the wall and gave a little wave at the camera.

“Hiya boys! *giggle* Like, Bambi’s been waiting for this day, like, forever! *giggle*”

She moved her hands to each side of her tits and then looked down at them as she squeezed them together and jiggled them up and down a bit.

“Like, today Bambi’s gonna tottaly become a real porn star! Cause, like, Johnny is gonna totally fuck Bambi’s pretty pink pussy for all you guys to watch! *giggle*” she said as she uncrossed her legs and spread them wide, her fingers slipping between them and spreading her pussy for the camera.

Johnathan watched Bambi finger herself for the camera, there was a good 10 minutes of masturbation to come before he’d have to step in, but that was just for the camera, he could already see her glistening wet pussy was ready for whatever he wanted to do.

Denise had been someone he’d had his eye on for a while at the bar, but he’d never expected her to be this receptive to the subliminal messages. He’d tried the same thing with many girls from the bar over the years, and while he’d often have some success with them, they had always found a new job or whatever after a month or so and left. Some of them had come back periodically to visit and spend a night, none of them left on bad terms.

Denise on the other hand, well, he’d started to see the signs of change after just the first week. A little less talk about the future, a little more enthusiastic in bed, he had been pretty sure he could have altered their arrangement after three months, but had decided against it to make sure.

Any lingering doubt in his mind had disappeared the day her new ID card had arrived, she’d filled out the forms and sent them in herself and even handed him her old drivers license to dispose of.

He watched her push herself off the counter and slip the skirt down around her feet and step out from it. Then she turned around and bent over, spreading her legs apart and slipping her fingers between her legs once more to continue her masturbation.

He smiled as she used her other hand to pull her cheek to the side to reveal the tight little asshole. He’d already started the new renovations that would opened her up to anal sex and it had started show in a few small ways. The grab of the ass cheek to show it off, her additional hygiene in the morning and after any bathroom visits, etc.

He’d also added in a few additional renovations about her body image, how a real porn star was never satisfied with the size of her tits, or lips, or waist. But those were slower, more long term renovations. He wanted to make sure he had lots of time with her the way she was, he had lots of plans for different video shots and the renovations on the garage nor her were nearly complete.

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