Nikki held her hair up as she snapped the selfie and then sent it to Henry, “Just two regulars tonight baby… what’s wrong with me?”

She knew of course, looking across the room at the other dancers in the club all she saw was a gaggle of large breasted sluts that looked like they had just walked off a porn shoot.

She on the other hand, still looked like the “before” image in the entire group. There wasn’t a single girl there that hadn’t had multiple surgeries and she knew it.

But it wasn’t just the fact that she knew it that was the problem. All the other girls knew it, all the customers knew it, and even the manager knew it.

Everyone was cool about it of course, always saying how “cute” she was, etc. But they also made other little jabs at her as well, like how much better she made them look in comparison. How much more money they all made. How many guys offered them exorbitant amounts of money to see them outside of the club.

All the while she was struggling to just make ends meet as she attended college.

It had gotten to her just a little bit two weeks ago and she’d taken some free time to go to the hair stylist and get her long black hair dyed blonde. Henry had been shocked, but understood. Just like he had when she’d first brought up the idea of working at the club.

Jobs were hard to find and she was “cute”, even if that had turned out to be a drawback in the end.

Her phone chirped and she checked her messages, “Nothing babe, you’re perfect. Their loss if they can’t see it.”

It didn’t help, at least not much, but before she could reply, Rebeca popped up in front of her.

“Hey Nikki, why the frown?” she asked.

Nikki forced a smile on her face, “Oh nothing Rebeca. You know, just the usual.”

Rebeca gave her a half frown, “Oh, nobody wants dances with the cute asian girl again tonight?”

“Yeah.” she replied with a heavy sigh.

“Well you know you could take Johnny up on his offer…”

Nikki cringed and nodded, “I know… maybe…” she replied.

“Why don’t you go talk to him, I saw him head in to his office just as I came in to the change room.”

“Thanks Rebeca, I… I will.”

Nikki laid back on the gurney and still couldn’t believe she was going through with it. Johnny’s offer was simple, he’d advance her the money for the breast augmentation as long as she used the surgeon he suggested.

That wasn’t much of a condition since just about everyone at the club only had good things to say about the surgeon, and Nikki had seen the results herself so there was no denying his skill. Rebeca and the other girls at the club had perfect breasts and you could hardly see any scares at all!

“Hi Nikki, how are you feeling?” Doctor Thompson asked as he stepped in to the stall where she was.

“I’m ok Doc. Just a little nervous.”

“Don’t be, you are a great patient and I’ve done hundreds of these surgeries. Before you know it you’ll be back up on your feet and working again.”

“Thanks Doc.”

“Ok, well, we’re just about ready so the anesthesiologist will be in shortly to get you read.”

Nikki nodded as he left but the butterflies in her stomach continued to flutter.

Doctor Thompson looked down at Nikki as she laid out before him, the VR goggles on her head and covering her ears.

“How’s she coming along Jeff?” he asked as the technician sat beside her with a laptop in front of him.

“Quite well, her innate insecurities were an easy entry point and she’s already well over 80% of the way through the programming.”

“Great, then I’ll get to work. Grace, do you have everything ready?” Dr. Thompson asked of the nurse standing by the counter.

“Yes Sir.”

“Let’s see, if I remember correctly she wanted the 300cc implants, is that right?”

“Yes Sir.” the nurse replied.

“But Johnny wanted her to go to at least 800cc. That might be a bit much for the first round, let’s start with the 600cc high profile implants and see how they sit.”

“Of course sir.” Nurse Grace said and picked up two packages form the table containing the desired implants and walked over to the operating table.

Nikki moaned as she came out of the anesthesia and felt the weight on her chest. God her tits felt so heavy!

“Nikki… can you hear me Nikki?” the nurse said and Nikki let her head fall to the side from which her voice came. She gave a tiny nod and winced as the pain from her chest became apparent.

“How are you feeling?” the nurse asked and Nikki scrunched her forhead before answering.

“Horny?” she replied in confusion.

“Oh, that’s ok Nikki. Some people react to the anesthesia that way. It’s completely normal.”

But Nikki knew it wasn’t, this wasn’t like any horniness she’d ever felt before. It was more intense, more urgent, more immediate. She needed a cock inside of her and she really didn’t care who it belonged to!

“Ok, I’m going to sit you up and just double check things. It will only take a moment.”

The nurse did just that and was satisfied with what she found and left Nikkie alone in the recovery suite that had been included with the surgery.

Nikki was massaging her tits, it had been three days since her surgery and if everything was alright she’d be going home tomorrow.

And god, things were more than alright with her tits!

She moaned as she squeezed them and the feeling of pleasure coursed through them to her mind, “Mmmmmm… god, fuck my big fake titties baby!” she said in a low, sultry voice. In her mind she was imagining a man, one of her regulars at the club, titty fucking her as she knelt down in front of him.

She continued to massage her tits, just like the nurse had shown her, until she could take no more and an orgasm crested.

God she couldn’t wait to get home so Henry could fuck her like the big titted asian slut she was…

Something in the back of her mind tweaked at that thought and the memory of the change room at the club bubbled up in to her mind. All of the girls there, with their big fake tits, eager to take guys to the VIP to suck off, or even better arrange to meet them outside of the club so they could be fucked good and proper.

Her hand slipped down between her legs and she began to masturbate at the idea. How horny it was making her, the thought of all those dicks her big fake tits were going to let her suck. How she wouldn’t be able to take any of them home with her with Henry being there. How one little dick at home was never going to satisfy her now that she was a big tittied asian slut…

She came hard again and she drifted off to sleep, wondering which of her regulars would be the first to take her home and fuck her properly.

“Mmmmm… you have big cock baby. You fuck Nikki’s big fake tits? Maybe you want fuck Nikki’s pretty little pussy? Nikki love you long time baby…” Nikki said and then bent down and extended her tongue, running it up the length of the man’s shaft she was dancing for.

Nikki giggled as it twitched as she arrived at the tip and then wrapped her lips around it and slipped it all the way down her throat.

She had been back at work for just over a week and things couldn’t have been better. Henry had move out yesterday after a disastrous attempt to pleasure her in bed the night before. He just could understand that she needed to be treated like the horny asian slut she was and kept trying to be nice to her. She’d stopped him half way through, when he’d tried to lick her pussy yet again, and kicked him to the couch.

When she’d gotten up yesterday morning, she’d told him to be gone by the time she returned from work, and she’d found a sappy note on the table when she arrived home. She’d crumpled it up and tossed it in the recycling after reading just the first sentence or two.

“Nikki to the DJ booth. Nikki to the DJ booth.” came across the PA system in the club she picked up her pace. It was only another minute or so before the man let go of his load and she swallowed it all down.

He quickly paid, more than they had agreed upon, and gave her his phone number. She was pretty sure he’d be back soon, and now that her appartment was free, if he was she’d make an offer she was sure he wouldn’t refuse.

In the mean time she cleaned herself up quick and made her way to the DJ booth.

“Hey, what’s up?” she asked.

“Boss wants to see you.” the DJ replied and pointed at the managers office.


A minute later she was closing the door behind her as she entered Johnny’s office.

“Hey boss, you wanted to see me?”

“Oh, hi Nikki. Yeah. Just wanted to check to see how things were going?”

“Great!” she exclaimed and whipped off her bra, “These babies are like catnip, the guys just can’t get enough… and me either.” she replied as she pinched her nipples and let out a low moan.

“That’s good, and school?”

“Fuck school, I’m dropping out, already sent in the paperwork on Monday!”

“That’s good. Any what does your boyfriend think of all this?” he asked, waiving his hands at her tits.

“You mean my ex-boyfriend. That loser is out of my life for good!”

“Great. Well, what I really wanted to talk to you about was your repayment plan…”

Nikki’s nipples hardened and her pussy moistened instantly, “Yes boss! You wanna fuck Nikki’s big fake tittes? Nikki so horny! Nikki wanna fuck you long time boss!”

She quickly made her way around behind his desk and straddled his lap as he sat in his chair. She pushed her tits in to his face and rubbed them together. He reached around and grabbed her ass and then gave it a smack.

“Yes boss, smack Nikki’s ass! Nikki a bad girl boss! Nikki need big hard cock to make her good girl!”

He pushed her away slightly so that he could breath again and smiled up as he slapped her ass again.

“Well, the Doc always does great work, too bad he couldn’t go beyond 700cc with you. But he tells me in a few months you’ll be ready for a second round of implants. Tell me Nikki, do you want your tits to be even bigger, faker and rounder?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Nikki love her big fake titties! You fuck Nikki’s big fake titties long time! You cum on Nikki’s big fake titties! Niiki cum like big tittied asian slut she is!”

Niiki slipped off of Johnny’s lap in between his legs and eagerly picked at his pants button and zipper until they were around his ankles and her tits were wrapped around his dick.

The bliss was unbelievable, her tits hummed with pleasure as her pussy begged to be used.

In that moment Nikki knew there was nothing wrong with her, she was exactly where she should be, doing exactly what she was meant for. As Johnny’s cum flew on to her tits, she knew that she would never be able to repay him for what he had done for her and that she would spend the rest of her life being the best asian slut she could be for him and the club.