“I’m sorry! I didn’t meant to snoop, honest!” Dana squealed as the man walked up behind her.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back just a bit before raising his hand and slapping her ass hard.

“OH! Please, please, no! I’m sorry! I won’t do it again!” she cried out as another blow landed on her ass.

The man paid her no mind and continued his assault on her ass.

“Please! I… I.. I’ve been bad! Please… please.. spank me…” she managed to get out as she closed her eyes, bit her lower lip and flipped her head back, sending her mass of hair down her back .

Her voice changed from a squeal to a low throaty pleading, “Yes! Yes, I’ve been bad! Spank my ass like the bad little girl I’ve been!”

He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back as far as it would go, his other hand continuing to spank her ass.

She could feel the heat in her ass and she knew it was turning bright read with each slap, but it was the heat in her pussy that was driving her now.

“That’s it baby, spank that ass until its bright red, then fuck me like the slutty little whore I am!”

He pulled her upright by her hair, turned her to the side and then tossed her on to the bed, face first. She quickly raised her ass in to the air so he could continuing spanking it, and he did, working on the other side.

Her fingers went to her pussy, but he stopped spanking her for just a moment to grab both of her hands and pull them around behind her back. He held them there with one hand as he started spanking her again.

The whole thing was driving her crazy, she needed to cum so badly she didn’t know how she wasn’t already.

The problem was that none of it was real. Not the snooping, the notebook was just filled with blank pages. Not the apology for snooping. Not the encouragement to spank her. Not the heat in her pussy. Not the claim that she was a whore.

Well, one thing was real, the redness of her ass… and maybe that last bit about being a whore.

She wasn’t sure if she was getting paid, or if the cartel was just letting the men fuck her for free. There had been a time when she had been a simple college student, on vacation south of the border for some fun with her friends.

She didn’t know if any of them had been kidnapped or not, or if perhaps some of them had been freed after their families had paid whatever ransom that had been demanded. But she had been stuck here for almost a year, with no family to pay, the cartel had simply decided to cut their losses.

Perhaps her looks had been the only thing to save her, as one of the men seemed to take a liking to her and took her to a clinic, where a doctor had broken her mind. She spent a few months with her “savior” after that, then when he had become bored, he’d returned her to the clinic where they had set her up here.

It was a spacious room, the desk and chair were in one corner, the bed along the far wall, a couch and pole in the other corner. A door to a private bathroom was opposite the main door that she hardly ever used.

The clinic had installed a dozen or so scenarios, like the one she was playing out now, in her mind. Once activated, she had no choice but to follow the script that was burned in to her brain.

Once in a while she wondered how long she would last. How long before her looks faded? How long before she had fucked all the men the cartel had?

The pressure on sphincter pushed those thoughts out of her mind as she rocked back on to the man’s cock and took it all the way in to her ass. The pleasure from it finally sent an orgasm through her as the scenario played out it’s final moments.

The pleasure would fade of course, as would the redness of her ass, but what always remained constant was the anticipation of the next scenario and the next man to visit her.