Tammy waited in front of her condo tower for the car to arrive, many of the guys walking by openly staring at her ass and tits, sending an electric shiver down her spine. One of them even managed to look her in the eyes and she smiled back at him, lust clearly in his face.

A quick honk of the approaching car snapped her head around and she inwardly let out a sigh of relief as it pulled up and stopped beside her. She quickly opened the door and sat in the rear seat, clutching her phone in her hands on her lap.

The driver, not saying a word, simply pulled away from the curb and weaved through the city traffic. Ten minutes later he pulled up in front of a large office tower and stopped. She opened the door and slipped out of the car, closing the door behind her. She heard the car pull away as she walked in to the office tower and to her pending fate.

A short elevator ride brought her to her destination, and she walked in to “Brannerman, Arman and Crenshaw”, a high profile law firm in the city. She walked up to the front desk and smiled at the busty blonde that sat there.

“Hi, I’m Tammy Bumslap, I have an appointment.”

“Oh, yeah, like hi! Like, go right in to conference room B!” the receptionist enthused as she pointed down a hallway with conference rooms on each side.

Tammy nodded towards the girl just as she answered another phone call, before proceeding down the hallway and finding the conference room she had been directed to. Opening the door she found three men already waiting for her, seated behind a long conference table, with a single seat for her on the side closest to the door.

Tammy shut the door behind her and sat down in the chair obviously meant for her.

The man in the middle cleared his throat and started to speak.

“For the record, this meeting is being recorded.” he said, pointing to a laptop just to the side of him.

She nodded in acknowledgment.

“If you could acknowledge that verbally please.” he said, a little annoyed.

“Oh, yes of course, I understand this meeting is being recorded.”

“Thank you. Now then, if you could please state your full name for the record.”

“Tammy Loves Bumslap.” She wanted to roll her eyes, but they remained fixed behind her glasses. Instead her hand rose up to her glasses and pushed them up her nose just a bit.

“And your position at… Davidson Technologies Inc.?”

“Chief Information Officer.”

“And in your own words could you please tell us why you think you are being fired?”

“Oh, that’s easy. I’m a total slut. I was fucking half the managers under me, and half again of their staff. All on company time of course, my office was so cum stained I’m told that it took a cleaning crew three days to get it habitable again.”

All three men raised an eyebrow, but otherwise show now sign of concern.

“And finally…” the man said as he swiveled a small stack of papers around from him to in front of her, a pen resting on top of them, “You acknowledge that your termination agreement is final and unalterable?”

She nodded again, but caught her mistake before he said anything, “Oh yes, I fully understand what I’m agreeing to and acknowledge it.”

The man waved his hand at the pen and she picked it up, siging all the pages that had the little yellow stickies attached to them.

“Alright, for the record, I am witnessing Ms. Tammy Loves Bumslap signing the termination agreement of her own free will. Thank you Ms. Bumslap.” he said taking the papers back when she was done with them and then reaching over to the laptop and stopping the recording, closing the lid when he did.

“Do you have any questions Ms. Bumslap?”

She slipped her glass from her nose and set them on the table, pushing them as far as she could to the side, “Well, yes, just one. As I said before, I’m a total cock starved slut and I haven’t been fucked in several hours now and was wondering if one, or more, of you might want to fuck me here on this conference table?”

Without saying a word all three men stood up, revealing the fact they had no pants on, but long hard dicks ready for her.

It wasn’t long before she was naked, laid out on the table on her side, one man fucking her face, one fucking her pussy and the third fucking her ass.

Tabitha Baummum looked at the screen, her fingers rubbing her forehead as she pushed a lock of brown hair to the side, “Kevin! Kevin, get your ass in here!” she yelled out to her assistant.

Kevin hurried in, “Yes Boss?” he asked quickly, knowing full well what that tone from her meant.

“Why the fuck can’t I make heads or tails out of this crap? Are you all completely incompetent? Don’t’ answer that, I already know the answer.”

Kevin winced and made his way around behind Tabitha’s desk. A quick once over and a few pointers was all it took to bring some semblance of meaning to the numbers in front of her. But by now bother of her hands were rubbing her forehead from the pounding headache she had.

“Ms. Baumman, it’s almost lunch time, didn’t you say you were going to the gym?”

Her head swiveled to look Kevin right in the eyes, anger flashed in her eyes for just a second before they went wide and her lips parted slightly, “Oh… ah… yes. The gym… good idea Kevin.”

She stood up and pushed him to the side, picking up the gym bag at the side of her desk before she rushed out of the office. She didn’t know why she’d started going to the gym again, the idea had just kinda popped in to her head one day after a long, stressful, series of meetings. She’d gone to the small gym in her condo and after a few minutes of riding a stationary bike, things had just seemed better.

For the last couple of weeks, she’d been going to the gym in her office building before and after work to get some of that same relief each day. Today was the first day that she’d decided to spend some time at luch as well, and she had really been looking forward to it all morning.

“Oh fuck me Kevin!” Tabitha cried out as Kevin’s cock was buried in her pussy, his hand gripping her shoulder length golden blonde hair as he bent her over her own desk.

His other hand was fimly on her ass, the weeks of gym time making it firm and prominent. She’d become so horny lately, that even the guys at the gym that fucked her in the morning, at lunch and after work, were no longer enough to satisfy her.

The fist time she’d demanded Kevin fuck her had been after several long meetings where she hadn’t even had enough time to slip in to the restroom and masturbate between them.

Suddenly she felt his hand lift off her ass, only to come slamming down on it, “OH GOD!” she cried out as it hit home.

“Do it again Kevin! Slap my ass again!”

Her assistant needed no more encouragement and proceeded to do just that, until she wasn’t sure if it was his cock in her pussy or his hand slapping her ass, that finally made her cum.

Kevin looked down at his soon to be former boss and smiled. She was laying face down across her desk, her head titled back as far as it could be so she could such his dick as he reached over and repeatedly spanked her ass.

Her newly enhanced tits peaked out from the sides of her chest as she squashed them against the desk, her long blonde hair fanned out on her back, and her hands eagerly pulling him towards her as they wrapped around his torso.

For much of his time working for her, she’d been a ragging bitch, making his life miserable. But those days were long gone, in fact the only thing that was kinda miserable about working for her was the stench in her office.

It was a good thing that he and the senior managers were more than capable of covering for her, including the “medical” leave she took just three weeks ago. He’d arrange all of it for her, but perhaps the thing he’d most enjoyed arranging was her legal name change.

He was going to miss her, which is something he’d never thought possible just a few months ago when one of the senior managers approached him about the plan. The senior manager had, in turn, been approached by a disgruntled researcher in the R&D department with the technology, hoping to cut a better deal than with his own manager.

He didn’t understand how the technology worked, just that it was important that he keep her busy in front of her computer as much as possible. Which was harder and harder to do the more the technology changed her. Of course, now, it was impossible for more than a few minutes, and only after she’d been freshly fucked. Speaking of which…

Kevin grabbed the back of her head and held her tightly against his abdomen as he released in to her throat. Her body spasmed as she orgasmed along with him. He pulled out, slapped his dick across her face a few times and then dragged her over to her computer screen where some porn was playing.

“Here you go Tammy, watch this for a bit.” he said and he couldn’t tell if the dazed and confused look on her face was the technology working, or just from her orgasm.

It didn’t matter either way, she had a meeting scheduled with the CEO in thirty minutes, and when he arrived he wouldn’t have to worry about her ever again.