A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday January 19, 2021

Miko stroked her long hair gently as she looked down at the webcam on her computer and smiled. Shifting her pose a few times, she made sure that every angle of her body was covered before bending over and hitting the stop button. She let out a little sigh as she uploaded the video to the dating site and wondered how it had gotten to this point.

She’d been at the top of her class, with a promising career in bio-chemistry, offers from several top pharmaceutical companies around the world, but here she was, pimping herself out on some online dating site.

It only made it worse that this wasn’t even the first time, that she’d been on the site for over a year and still hadn’t found the perfect match that they’d promised her. When she’d first joined, just after graduating, she’d been the typical bookworm researcher her job pretty much demanded. She’d only joined because she didn’t have enough time to *actually* date, and thought an online site would weed out the obvious looser.

She’d been right in that, unfortunately, she also quickly learned that men were pigs. Just as she’d turned down dates with men she didn’t view as relationship material, men had turned down her advances because she didn’t meet their physical expectations.

Before long she had nearly given up, when one of the VIP agents of the dating site had contacted her with a promotional offer. It was a free visit to a local salon for a makeover, and she’d accepted, though she didn’t really want to change her look.

A few days later, when she’d walked out of the salon with her hair and makeup done to the nines, she was shocked to realized that she liked it! And not just that, it made her happy in a way she’d never been before.

It wasn’t long before she had stopped looking for a job, was completely focused on her looks, and of course the dating site.

Since then she’d dating a few guys from it, but none had been all that serious, which she didn’t mind at all. In fact, the more she thought about it, the less serious she was about finding a long term relationship. To the point now, that she knew that men would only really good for one thing, a quick one night stand, so she could move on to the next one that piqued her interest.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true, she did have a few men that she kept around for more than a single night. They’d send her a message on the dating site and she’d let them drop by for a few hours. As long as they brought her a gift of course, and cash was the best gift they could bring.

Her computer binged and she smiled as she clicked on her inbox on the dating site, “New message!” was displayed across the top. She clicked on the new message and it popped open.

“Hi Miko, love the new video. Tell me, do you like that phat ass spanked?”

Miko smiled and started typing a response, “Miko loves her ass spanked. Miko so horny when bent over man’s knee!”, she hit send and didn’t have to wait long for the next message to come in.

“I bet you do Miko. I’d love to drop by and spank that ass until it’s so red that you’re begging me to stick my cock in it.”

Her whole body shivered as she typed the response, “You spank Miko’s ass, you make Miko so horny baby. You come over now, Miko show you good time. Miko love you long time baby.”

She then added her contact details and address to the message and sent it. She loved guys that spanked her ass, after all, she’d spent so many hours in the gym getting it. Her ass had been as flat as a board when she’d joined the site, now it was round and jiggly. And unlike her tits, which she’d bought, her ass was all natural.

Miko logged off the dating site and closed her computer before standing up and walking out of her little makeshift office in her condo. A smile on her face, she wondered if this new boy toy would last more than a few minutes, or if perhaps he’d become on of her go to men that she called whenever she needed a good fucking.

Either way, she’d know soon enough and if he turned out to be just another one night stand, then there would be lots more guys messaging her on the site tomorrow. Well, at least until it finally lived up to it’s billing and found her the perfect match.

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