Marie stood by the door, the serving tray held at shoulder hight perfectly as Master and Mistress relaxed by the fireplace. Marie knew, in the back of her mind somewhere, that there had been a time when it would have been her and not Mistress sitting beside Master, and that she would have called him something else.

But her mind had been broken, fractured, scattered, and eventually reassembled in such a way that she no longer consciously thought about that time in her life. Marie was only focused on the moment, and the moment was to remain still, silent and ready.

A snap of Masters fingers changed the moment and Marie stepped forward, quickly moving towards the two high backed chairs that Master and Mistress sat in. She made sure her heels clicked against the floor in perfect timing, that the serving tray remained at the perfect height and perfectly level, until she arrived in front of the chairs and bent over at the waist, sitting the tray on the small table between the two of them.

She quickly stood upright and poured the champaign in to the two fluted glasses before picking the tray back up and offering one to Master before doing the same to Mistress. They both took the glass and then toasted each other before taking a sip.

Marie sat the tray back down between them and stood before it, her hands clasped in front of her, her head bowed low as she waited for the next moment to approach.

“I have to say Dahlia, you have done a great job with Marie, I didn’t think you could deliver on your promise.” Master said as he raised his glass once more before taking another sip.

“Oh you have so little faith in me dear. I promised you a docile, obedient, servant and that is exactly what I have delivered to you.”

“Yes, well, obviously. Maire has been a great little maid all week that she’s been here. But, even you have to admit, that my wife was a hell fired bitch when got a hold of her.”

“Pffft. These high and mighty women think so much of themselves, that is until I get a hold of them. Then they break like any other little girl. In fact I find the higher and mightier they think of themselves, the farther they fall. Tell me Roger, did you honour my request not to peak at my little surprise?” Dahlia asked as she raised a curious eyebrow.

“I have to admit that it was very tempting, but a promise is a promise and so, no, I have not looked.”

“Oh very good. Marie dear, would you lift up your apron?” Dahlia asked and Marie knew the next moment had arrived.

“Oui Mistress.” she said and curtsied before lifting her apron up, revealing her bare pussy.

Well, bare was the wrong way to describe it, it had three rings through it, including one through her clit, along with a small padlock looped through them all. Just above it was black text tattooed in to her skin, “Property of Mistress”.

“Oh, that’s very good.” Roger said, giving a little chuckle.

“I’m glad you like it, I think you’ll like this even more…” Dahlia replied and held her finger up and twirled it around.

The next moment had arrived and Marie turned round, this time lifting the back of her dress up to reveal the tattoo just above her sphincter, “For Masters Use Only”.

Master chuckled even harder as Mistress joined in and the clanged their glasses together before taking another sip of the champaign.

Marie struggled against the bonds of the chair she was strapped down to, flicking her head from side to side to try and get the damned headset off of her, to no avail.

She continued to fight it until she had no more strength left and slumped back in to the chair as the video and audio continued to play. She knew part of the reason was the drugs that they had been pumping in to her had sapped a lot of her strength, but part was also the realization that a small part of her just wanted to give in and let go.

It had been, what, two weeks? Could it have been that long already? It was so hard to tell, there were no windows, no clocks, no fixed schedule of any kind to keep tabs on time with.

Instead there was just a random rotation of tortures that they inflicted upon her. This one was the one where they drugged her and bombarded her with bad porn and other images and sounds. Most was degrading, humiliating, sex. The rest was all tainted with the idea that servitude and obedience were pleasurable.

She didn’t know how long it would last, or what the next hell would be, but it would be one of three things. The first was time in the gym, but it wasn’t some yoga session like she was used to. Instead they had her in heels on a tread mill, a think string running between the ring they had inserted in to her clit and the machine in case she slowed down. Or they had her doing squats or situps, with similarly torturous devices.

Then again, it might be sex education, but unlike any you would find in a school. They might strap her down to a wooden horse and tie her head back so a machine could ram a dildo in to her throat, or perhaps skewer her on to and upright poll with a dildo so that she had to stand on her tippy toes, or worse yet use another machine to penetrate her ass.

And then there was the chance it would be a rest cycle. Though rest was far and few between during it, with loud noises and flashing lights and sudden motions on the bed she slept on, she doubted she got more than a hour of sleep at a time.

Still, she tried to block out the images and sounds she was forced to watch, her eyes held open by black tape made it a mental exercise that was more exhausting than the workouts.

She knew it was Rogers doing, but it was also her own foolish fault as well. They had been on rocky grounds for a while in their marriage and she had made it clear she wasn’t happy with the pre-nup, that she intended to fight it tooth and nail. She should have kept it to herself, gone to a lawyer and gotten the process started before she’d said a word to Roger about it.

Hindsight was twenty-twenty though and she had been too eager to rub it in his nose, to let him know there was nothing he could do and she was going to drag him through the mud. Her arrogance had been costly, but she could no longer afford it, she had to focus on the present. Focus on the moment.

Focus on this moment, this moment where the maid was eagerly sucking on the cock that was in front of her…

Marie shook her head again, forcing the thought out of her mind and let out a little whimper. She would not give in… she would not!

Unfortunately she recognized the pattern, each time it was getting harder and harder to fight it off. The thought would creep in a little easier and easier. Soon would she even be able to shake it off?

She really didn’t want to think about it, or what might happen when she didn’t so instead she focused on the moment, this moment, the moment where the maid was licking the length of the mans shaft.

A slight whimper escaped Marie’s lips just as she parted them and extended her tongue, the moment was here and she was in it.