“Hey, what are you doing with that…” Tracy said, cocking her head to one side as she stood at the wall that separated the small workout space and the bedroom that she shared with Jim.

She was dressed in her yoga pants and sports bra, a slight bulge around her midsection that she had been trying to get rid of for months, but steadfastly refused to go anywhere. Her plain brown hair pulled back in to a pony tail and her runners looking a little worse for wear.

She froze in place as he hit a button on the small black device that looked like a remote control and she panicked inside of her own head as she was unable to do anything else.

“Don’t worry honey, I’m just gonna fix a few things, you’re going to love it.” he replied as he titled the remote back towards himself and hunted for other buttons to press.

It wasn’t long before he pointed it at her again and she felt it’s effects, her waist pulling in, those last few pounds disappearing. She felt her head tingle as well, but couldn’t see what was happening, then she felt her clothing start to change, become shiny and tight as her workout clothing transformed in to skin tight latex.

“Perfect!” he boyfriend called out, “Well almost…” he continued with a wicked grin as he pressed a final button and Tracy felt her mind fog over.

Tracy blinked as she looked at Jim, a wry smile crossing her lips, “Hey there big boy…” she said as she stepped forward, crossing one foot in front of the other as she did so until she was standing in front of him.

She ran a hand down his chest, “I’ve been waiting for you for hours, I want you to ravage my body, I want you to make me cum like a slut… but first…”

She licked her lips and lowered herself down in front of him, kneeling and leaning in, causing her tight latex skirt to stretch over her ass as she pushed it out as far as she could while balancing on her heels.

She undid his pants and let them drop to the floor, then pulled his underwear down as well and quickly engulfed his manhood with her mouth.

Jim gripped the remote tightly as he let out a moan, the small display still displaying the last command he’d entered, “Oral Slut”.