Kimberly played with her hair and looked down between her tits before looking back up and smiling broadly, “Kimmy been bad. You wanna spank Kimmy?” she said in a thick accent that she’d been working on for months to perfect.

She lowered her hands down to her tits and squeezed them, feeling the reassuring weight of the heavy bracelet on her wrist as she did so. It was reassuring because it had brought her so much pleasure over the last year or so, and just the thought of it activating again made her pussy wet.

As she released her tits from her tight grip, she took hold of the straps on her outfit and pulled them to the side, so her tits popped free, and the camera could get a good look at her erect nipples.

“Ah! Kimmy so horny! Kimmy want your cock between Kimmy’s big fake tits!” she said as she pinched her nipples and stuck her tongue out.

She leaned back against the wall and thrust her hips forward, reaching down and pulling her outfit to the side of her pussy and started to rub her slick slit.

“Kimmy so wet! You fuck Kimmy so good!”

She continued on for a few more minutes, playing with her pussy, giving the camera a good show until Jim, standing behind the camera gave her the signal.

“Kimmy can’t wait for you to come. Kimmy want to see you soon. You see Kimmy soon and Kimmy make you come so good…” she said as she raised her finger to her lips and sucked on it and then winked at the camera.

“Alright, that’s good Kimberly.” Jim said and stopped the recording.

Kimberly stood up straight, pulled her outfit back over her pussy and stuffed her tits back in to it as well. She walked over to Jim and smiled, “Was I alright Jim? Do you need me to do it again? Maybe… maybe I should have a prop… you know… maybe a dildo? Yes, yes a dildo! I could…”

“No, that’s perfect Kimberly, we got everything we need.” Jim replied and she smiled and nodded in reply.

“Why don’t you go get changed, don’t you have a shift at the club in an hour or so?”

“Oh shit, yes! Ok, thanks Jim.” she said and hurried over to the change room to get dressed.

Just as she finished her fingers brushed up against the bracelet and she smiled like she did every time it happened. The bracelet belong to the club, they had said it was a tracker and emergency button, so if any of the guys at the club got out of hand all she had to do was activate it and the security guards could come help her.

It was neither of those things in reality, it was instead some kind of mind altering device that had taken what was supposed to be a short term solution to her financial problems in paying for university, and made it a long term commitment to being a stripper and an escort for the club.

She didn’t know how it worked, but she did know what it did for her. It enhanced any sexual experience she had when she was wearing it. If she was dancing in the VIP and running her hands over her nipples, it made her pussy wet instead of just being something she was doing for money.

And the feeling the first time one of customers had touched her tits… god, the memory still sent chills through her.

It didn’t take long for her to become a wanton slut in the VIP, letting the customers do whatever they wanted with her. It was only a week or so before the first customer had unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out. She’d been shocked at first, but before she could do anything about it he’d reached out and grabbed her tits and pulled her in to him. The pleasure had distracted her so much that she didn’t even realize her lips were anywhere near his dick until she felt them wrap around it.

Since then, the club had taken over her life, and not just figuratively, literally!

She’d signed over power of attorney to them, moved in to the apartment they provided for her, gone to the surgeries they scheduled for her, worked the shifts they told her too, sucked and fucked the guys they sent to her, and now she was doing commercials for the club as well.

Kimberly stood up and walked out of the change room and towards the exit, just as Jim came over to her, “Hey Kimberly, just wanted to let you know I’ll be over at your place tomorrow, 2 o’clock. It’s on the schedule already.”

She smiled at him, “Oh, that’s great Jim, do you want me to wear that little red dress you like?”

“Yeah, that would be great.” he replied and she stepped in to him, stood up on her tippy toes and kissed him passionately. He reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a squeeze, causing her to moan softly as he did so.

He broke it off after a moment and she waved and turned to leave, he gave her ass a little slap as she left and she didn’t stop or look back. She liked Jim, she liked Jim’s cock more specifically as it made her orgasms over and over again every time he scheduled some time with her.

Of course Jim was an ass man, and somewhere deep down she knew she shouldn’t like it. The problem was that every time he fucked her ass, she came harder than she ever had before, so really, it didn’t matter what she should or shouldn’t like, she loved Jim fucking her ass and that was all there was too it.