Jem ran her hands through her hand and then down over her body and let out a giggle of delight, it had worked!

She hadn’t believed the genie, even when he’d first appeared out of thin air, but he must have granted her the wishes he promised, because, well, she had never been this hot before!

She scrunched her forehead a little trying to think back to what wishes she’d asked for but all that was there was a fog. And it was rolling farther and farther back in to her mind. By the time she tried to remember how she’d summoned the genie, it was gone from her mind.

She smiled and let out another giggle, well, it didn’t matter really, after all she’d gotten her wishes and so what if she couldn’t remember what exactly she’d wished for?

Maybe she could figure out what they were from what her new life was like? Yes, that sounded like a good idea so she tried to think about her life as it was now. The fog hadn’t gotten so far back that she had forgotten she was single, and so when the image of her hubby popped in to her mind she let out another giggle.

She must have wished for a husband!

Thinking about him made her pussy tingle, oh god, not just any husband either, but the perfect husband for her!

The thought of his giant cock made her subconsciously lick her lips. He was perfect too, he let her suck his cock any time she wanted to, and that was almost always! And not only that, but he used that same giant cock to fuck her ass any time he wanted to, which was usually right after she’d sucked it.

A shiver of pleasure ran through her as the thought of the orgasms she had from his cock between her lips as well as from in her ass and she couldn’t dream of a more perfect husband for her.

Well, maybe if he fucked her pussy a bit more… It wasn’t like he never fucked it, but she always had to beg him to do it. It wasn’t like the orgasms he gave her when fucking her ass weren’t amazing, god no! They were far better than the ones she got from her pussy, but, well, a girl’s pussy still did have needs and once in a while it was nice to take care of them.

She let out another giggle and jumped up and down a bit in excitement, she’d figured out one wish for sure!

When she settled down she tried to think of what else might have changed, and that’s when she remembered about her body. She looked down at her tits and ass and the strands of blonde hair and let out another giggle. Then she reached up and squeezed her tits and a moan escaped her lips. She repeated the process with her ass and then ran her fingers over her lips and she knew she was right!

She was hot! And not just in appearance, she was getting worked up just by touching herself through her clothes!

Her own beauty turned her on, and watching other people get turned on by it only amplified the effect. She could orgasm from guys just fucking her tits! Oh god, she could cum just by jerking a guy off on to her face!

She was an orgasm machine!

She squealed in delight, she must have wished to always be sexually satisfied or something, because she knew she had never been this way before. The genie had delivered in spades!

Just as the fog was going deeper in to her mind, she managed to pluck one last memory from her past. She had been working in a boring 9 to 5 job in some drab office building before her wishes.

She smiled and tried to focus on what she did now and her knees gave out from under her and she fell back over the arm of the couch and on to it.

She was a famous porn star!

She giggled and squealed, it was a perfect job for her! She got fucked by cocks all day long and orgasmed over and over again as she did! And she even got paid to do it!

“Hurry up Gem or we’ll be late!” her hubby’s voice came from the other room and it broke her fit of giggles.

She managed to swing her legs around and stand up from the couch, straightening out her dress and trying to thing of what they were going to be late for.

It was the awards show, she was nominated in half a dozen categories, including best anal scene and best pron actress! It was her last year as she had retired after she married her hubby and so this was her last chance to prove she was the best in the industry.

She wiggled her way out to the front hall where her hubby was waiting and took his arm as they walked out of their house.

The accolade of the awards would be nice and all, but she wasn’t eager to win tonight because of that. No, hubby had promised to fuck a different hole for each award she won and so she needed to get at least three so he’d fuck all of them at least once.

Gem leaned in to her hubby and smiled, letting out a little giggle at how perfect her wishes had turned out.