“Damn it!” Daisy said as she held up her phone and ran her fingers through her hair.

It had gotten so dark at the roots over the last three weeks as she recovered from her surgery in comparison to the photo she had from a month ago displayed on her phone.

She pouted and set her phone down, then reached up and cupped her new tits, lifting them up and jiggling them a bit, “But you were soooo worth it!” she said in a baby like voice.

Sure, her hair was a mess, but she’d still been able to go to the tanning salon after the first week and so she hadn’t lost much of her colour. The tan lines along her bikini were still perfectly defined.

It had been a hard few months since the divorce, but she had come through it stronger than ever. She got back to the gym and lost those extra pounds she’d been trying to since… well, forever. She found some new friends that had introduced her to her plastic surgeon, who’d done such an amazing job on her tits. She’d even found a new job!

She never would have imagined she’d work in a strip club before the divorce, but now it was the most natural thing in the world. Show guys her tits, shake her ass, suck some cock, bring home some regulars once in a while, it was simply the best job she’d ever had.

She checked her tits one last time before heading back out to her condo’s living room. Don was waiting for her there, he was the regular that had paid for her new tits and she was eager to show them off to him. He had spared no expense on them and she was going to prove it was money well worth spending.

She wiggled her ass out of her change room and in to the living room until she was standing in from of him. She smiled and pushed her tits out, waving her hands towards them, “So baby, what do you think?” she asked.

Don just smiled and reached out to grab her hips, he pulled her toward him and she straddled his lap and sat her ass down on his legs. He leaned forward and then buried his face between her tits and she tossed her head back and moaned a little.

“Mmmmm… baby, you face feels so good between my big fake tits!”

It wasn’t long before her top was off, his hands were on her ass, his lips on one of her sensitive nipples, and she was bucking her hips against the rising hardon she could feel in his pants.

“Come on baby, suck that titty! Get your money’s worth from every single cc you paid for!”

She couldn’t take it any long and pulled back, standing up and taking off her skirt. She tossed it to the side before leaning over and attacking his pants, stripping them off of him as quickly as she could.

“God baby, I’ve missed you so much…” she said without making eye contact, instead speaking directly to the hard member she wrapped her fingers around. Then, she leaned over even more and gently kissed the tip of his cock before taking between her lips and lovingly sucking it.

After a moment she popped off of it and turned around, lowering herself on to his lap, her hands guiding his cock right in to her ass.

“Oh god baby! Your cock is so big in my tight little ass!” she cried out as she leaned back on to his chest, his arms coming around and grabbing her tits once more.

The first slap of her tit bad her whole body quiver as she wiggled her ass, “YES! Fucking slap that big fake titty baby!”

He did, and did again and again, on both of them as she bounced up and down on his lap, stroking his cock in and out of her ass. It wasn’t long before she felt his cum fill her bowels and her own orgasm crash over her.

“What the hell was ‘The Perfect Divorce’ company?” Daisy thought as she walked in to the main reception of the company.

Well, it didn’t really matter, Don might have some stupid clause in their prenuptial agreement about it, but she was still going to take him for a fortune.

She had married him for his money and she was going to get what she was owed. There was no way she was going to have to get job and earn a living now after landing her whale. She had never worked a day in her life and she wasn’t about to start now.

And if he thought she was going to let him fuck her in the ass over this, well, he had another thing coming.