“Awe come on baby, I know you want to fuck my mouth with that big fat dick of yours…” Tanya said as she leaned forward and ran her tongue across her upper and lower lip in a circle.

The man standing just on the other side of the glass smile and then turned and walked away, another lost customer. She pouted and stood back upright, gently swaying her hips to the music that was coming from the speakers on the far end of the display in which she stood with the other girls.

To her right was Crystal and Abby, to her left was Ginger. Crystal was the buxom blonde with crystal clear blue eyes, she was currently trying to flirt with a man standing in front of her part of the window. Tanya could see the reflection of the electronic display that was at Crystal’s feet, it read “Bimbo Boobs”.

The display at Abby’s feed was “Naughty Librarian”, and Abby’s short brown hair done up in a bun and glasses matched the description perfectly. Ginger, well, Ginger was a redhead and her sign was just that “Redhead”.

Tanya couldn’t quite see her own display but she knew exactly what it read, “Oral Slut”.

She let out a little sigh before she suddenly felt the chip in her head come alive and force her to pay attention, a new potential client had stopped in front of her display and her body moved forward on it’s own until she could take back control.

“Hey baby… can I wrap this big thick lips around you cock and show you a good time?”

The man smiled back, but instead of walking away he turned towards the door of the tax shelter and walked in. A shiver of excitement ran through Tanya’s whole body. Partly because she so far behind on her tax bill and had so few clients that even a one time walk in appreciated, but also partly because after her recent upgrade to her lips, she craved the orgasm that came from her lips more than she had thought possible.

The door to the display area opened and Robin walked in, a tall brunette with short cropped hair and tattoos covering her arms, and walked over to Tanya’s stall and replaced her. Tanya hurried to the door and up to the main reception desk where the man was waiting for her.

“Use room 3.” the receptionist said, a middle aged woman who had been at the tax shelter for longer than anyone wanted to think about.

Tanya walked up and threaded her arm through the mans arm and smiled at him, “Come on sugar, let me show you the way.”

He let her guide him to the room and once inside she closed the door behind him. Inside the small room was a chair, a pole and a bed. The man took off his jacket and tossed it on the bed and then unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants before taking a seat on the chair.

Tanya smiled, “Mmmm… baby that cock looks so delicious…” she said and knelt down between his legs, taking his cock in her hands and stroking it gently as it stiffened.

She licked her lips and stroked up it’s length with one had while her other reached down and gently cupped his balls. Then she slowly leaned over and licked the tip of his cock before placing her lips gently on to it. The pleasure that coursed through her body made her tummy do back flips and her pussy buzz.

She looked up at him just in time to see his hands coming down to her head, she knew what was coming and she relaxed her throat as he took hold of her head and forcefully pushed her all the way down on to his shaft. She gagged a bit at the base before he pulled her back up, and then pushed her back down.

She gurgled and gagged as he eventually got in to a rhythm that he liked. With no need for her hands to be on him, they had found their way down to her pussy and she was furiously rubbing herself through her outfit.

He didn’t last long, only a few minutes and she felt his cum fill her mouth and some of it run out of her nose as he held her firmly down against his abdomen. Her own orgasm crested as always at the first taste of cum and last far longer than his did.

Finally he released her head and she pulled up and off of his dick, “Mmmm… you taste great baby!” she said as she licked her lips and pushed some of his cum that had run down her chin back in to her mouth. The sensation of the cum on her lips sent even more shivers of pleasure through her.

She then wrapped her lips around his softening shaft and sucked every last drop of cum from it that she could. Finally, when no more would come out, she pulled it out of her mouth and licked up and down it’s length several times, giving it a final kiss before pulling back and getting up.

“Can I do anything else for you baby?” she asked, but the man simply shook his head and stood up. He pulled his pants back up and rebuckled his belt before getting his jacket from the bed.

“Will I see you again baby? I really loved sucking your cock, and you cum was delicious!”

The man stopped and looked at his watch, “Do you think you can get me off just as quickly next time?” he asked.

“Of course baby! You can fuck my face and run anytime!”

He nodded, “Well, I have a meeting in this area every week or so, I might stop in afterwards on my lunch break if everything lines up right. I think next time I really want to see my cock bounce off those lips a few times.”

“Absolutely baby! That would be a lip smacking good time… for both of us!”

He gave a little chuckle and then walked out of the room, Tanya followed a moment later and went towards the bathroom to clean up. She wondered if he would really return or not, none the less she committed to memory what he looked like and what he wanted and tucked it away in the back of her head.

It was a skill she’d developed in law school, before The Acts had been passed and her future prospects had dwindled until she had become just another tax shelter whore.

Perhaps though, if should could get a few more like him to become regulars, she’d be able to afford some more upgrades and finally get out of the street window and finally be able to qualify for a full time room on one of the upper floors of the tax shelter.

Another shiver of pleasure coursed through her at the though of having a lineup of men eager to fuck her face and the orgasms that would rock her.