A hands on kind of leader...

Friday July 02, 2021

Jen was nervous, more nervous than she had ever been in her life if she was honest. She had met Jim online in a chat app that she was embarrassed to admit she belonged to. A chat app that was specifically for white men looking for submissive Asian females.

It went against everything she’d been brought up to believe in, and yet here she was, about to submit to a man she had never met in person before.

They had spent weeks building up to this of course, with long chats about what she was to wear, how she was to act, and what they would be doing. But the butterflies in her stomach still made her want to run to the bathroom and throw up.

She’d been introduced to the chat group one night when she was hanging out with her friends, similarly minded young Asian women, some still in college, others like her having joined the workforce in large companies. They’d been drinking and talking and browsing the Internet when one of them had asked if they “wanted to see something disgusting.”

In their drunken state they’d all said yes and soon enough they were browsing through a chat app filled with white men degrading and humiliating Asian women online.

At first, like all the rest of her friends, she’d been disgusted at what she saw. They were all laughing and joking about the pathetic losers, both the men and women, there were in it, and before any of them had realized, it was several hours later.

The other thing she hadn’t realized until they’d all turned in for the night, was how wet her pussy was. She couldn’t pin down exactly when it had happened, in fact the entire time seemed fuzzy in her head, but at some point disgust had turned in to intrigue.

It wasn’t long before she was spending at least some time on the chat group each day, she could still remember the first time she’d masturbated to the conversations going on in the chat group and the orgasm that followed.

After that first orgasm she’d tried to stop, every ounce of her being told her it was wrong and disgusting, that is except her pussy. Her pussy moistened just thinking about the chat app, it was like it had a mind of it’s own.

Her self enforced exile only last two days, and this time she actually participated for the first time as well. After that, the voice in the back of her head began to fade in to the distance until she could hardly hear it at all.

And now, she was here, standing in front of one of the men that she had been chatting with, her pussy buzzing and her stomach doing backflips.

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath before opening them again, “Jenko so happy to see you mister. Me so horny!” she said and stepped forward towards Jim, wiggling her ass as she did until she was up against him.

“You like Jenko’s body mister?” she asked, and pulled the sides of her top over a little so her nipples were exposed.

“Jenko’s body like you mister… look! Jenko’s nipples so hard!” she said and took her nipples between her fingers and gave them a little twist.

Jim wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in tight to him and then leaned over and kissed her, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths for a moment.

He broke the kiss off and then twirled her around, so her ass was up against his crotch and his hands were cupping her breast. His fingers found her nipples and started to twist and pull at them.

“Mmmmmm… Yes mister, play with Jenko’s nipples! Jenko so horny!” she said and wiggled her ass back in to Jim’s crotch.

Jim then guided her forward towards the bed and then pushed her forward on to it face first. She reached around behind herself and grabbed the hem of her dress and pulled it up over her ass.

“Yes mister, you fuck Jenko now. Jenko’s pussy so wet!”

Jim wasted no time in slipping inside of her and rocking back and forth, causing Jen to let out little squeals with each thrust.

“Iiieeee! Jenko love you long time mister! Jenko love you long tiiiiimmmmmeeeeee!!!!!!”

Jenko tugged at the material of her dress so that even more of her tits were on display. It had been a year since the first time she’d fucked Jim and she was looking forward to seeing him again with her new tits.

So much had changed in that time, she’d quit her job, had a half dozen procedures done not including her tits, had sucked and fucked just about every man she could in the chat app, and was now actively looking for a nice white sugar daddy that she could submit to fully.

In the mean time of course she was happy to practice with they guys from the chat app like Jim, so she could be ready when she found the right one.

She released her top just as the knock on her condo door told her Jim had arrived and she wiggled her ass as quickly as she could over to it to great him.

She opened the door and smiled before bowing, “Good evening Sir.” she said as she moved to the side and let him in, keeping her head bowed as she closed the door and followed him in to her living room.

He sat on the couch and she walked over in front of him and sat on his lap, half turning so he could get a good view of her tits. She then pulled her top to the side so he could get full access to them.

“Please Sir, feel free to play with Jenko’s new tits, it is why I got them.”

He smiled and didn’t waste any time pawing at them, then sucking them, then guiding her down between his legs, and finally having her head bob up and down his shaft.

Jim looked down at the stupid grin across Jenko’s face, along with the streams of his cum. She had been a long term project of his and she was finally ready.

He grabbed his phone and unlocked the chat app he’d developed and opened the admin panel and selected her profile. The current high bid was 350k and bidding had closed just five minutes ago. He clicked on the winning bidder’s profile and approved the transaction.

It would take a day or two of Jenko using the app before the winning bidder could reach out to her, but after that she’d be completely under his control.

He let out little sigh as he locked his phone and set it back down, Jenko still gently sucking on his cock to get any last drops that might be in his balls. A slight frown crossed his lips, he really did enjoy her and was sad to see her go, but business was business and he had a dozen other girls in progress so he’d get over it.

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