Miko wrapped lips around Norman’s tip and sucked her cheeks in, her hair falling down her back as she gave her ass a little wiggle while she worked.

She pushed down and pulled back up, popping off the top of it as she gasped, “Miko love sucky sucky!”

She then dove down on to his shaft once more, continuing the blow job. This was her favorite position, down on all fours, a cock in her mouth as she looked up to a man’s face. It didn’t matter which man it was, Norman was a regular but a guy she picked up off the street gave her the same tingling sensation in her pussy as anyone else.

It was her favorite position because they had programmed it to be of course. Just as they’d programmed her broken English, her need for sex, her trashy sense of style and everything else about her new life.

Her old life was another story all together. As CEO of one of the fastest rising tech startups in the world, she’d demanded respect and commanded fear in her underlings. That had perhaps been the problem, because when one of those underlings had made a breakthrough in neural mapping and sequencing while working on a completely unrelated project, he’d kept it to himself instead of sharing it with the company.

It hadn’t taken long for him to work his way up through the chain of command, reprogramming each level as he went until he was sitting in her office, doing the same to her.

She couldn’t remember any of the details, not even his face, he’d wiped it from her mind, but he’d left the memory that it had happened and what she’d been.

So where she had once demanded respect and commanded fear, she now craved humiliation and eagerly obeyed.

Norman grabbed the back of her head and pushed her all the way down his shaft, “Yeah, that’s it, take it all the way in you little asian whore.”

Her pussy tingled even more at the words as she maintained eye contact with him, tears starting to run down her cheeks the longer he held her there and his dick invaded her throat.

He pulled her back after a few moments and she once more gasped for air as his dick came out of her mouth, “Fuck Miko’s face! Miko need big white dick! Miko asian whore!”

He held her head still with one hand and with the other aimed his dick at her face, slapping her several times with it as she extended her tongue, trying desperately to take it back inside of her mouth.

She of course didn’t need his dick, or any other dick for that matter. Before the reprogramming she’d been a die hard lesbian, though she’d never licked a pussy before, bringing pleasure to her partners wasn’t her job, it was theirs to bring her pleasure. But that was before, she had several female clients that she eagerly licked, and she had a collection of strap-on dildos in her closet as well for them to use on her.

Norman pulled her up, a slight wave of programmed disappointment went through her as she rose from all fours, only to be replaced with another wave of pleasure as he bent her over the back of the couch and gave her ass a slap.

“Yes! Spank Miko. Miko bad whore! Punish Miko!” she cried out and then felt her panties being pulled down, her pussy twitching in anticipation.

“Oh yeah! You fuck Miko now. Miko love fucky fucky!”

When his dick pushed in to her ass she almost came, “Iiiieeeeeee!!!!”, she cried out in a whine, the programming not letting her do anything else. He started sliding in and out of her ass and she whined and moaned as the programming demanded.

It was only when she felt his cum enter her bowels that the programming let her orgasm. She slouched over, her entire body shivering from the force of it, until she felt him pull out, slap her ass several times with his dick and droplets of cum hit her back.

“Miko love you long time baby! Miko love big white cock in ass!”

She slipped from the back of the couch and on to her hands and knees once more, taking his deflating dick back between her lips and sucking the remaining cum from his balls.

When she was done she rocked back on to her thighs and smiled up at Norman, “You come back soon, fuck Miko’s tight whore ass again. Miko love sucky fucky big white cock!”

Norman smiled and nodded, taking the hint he retrieved his clothes, cleaned up and left. As he did, he dropped the $50 “donation” on her dresser, sending another shiver of pleasure through Miko.

The pleasure was doubly powerful, first because the programming made her a cheap whore and getting paid so little for anal reinforced that to no end. In fact half the time she picked guys up on the street, they left without paying her and that almost brought her to orgasm by itself.

But secondly, and probably more importantly was her programmed need to be humiliated. Not just because $50 was humiliating little, but because deep down she was still the same ambitious, driven, bitch she always had been and that if the programming had let her, she would have been the best whore in town. Her constant failure to do better was far more humiliating than any sex act or undervalued worth could ever be.