Doris placed her hand on the statue’s leg and leaned in, resting her head on it’s chest. Then she let out a sigh and closed her eyes remembering the good times, the times before Dex had defeated and banish SolarMan from Earth.

She took a deep breath and felt her inflated tits push up against the statue and it broke the spell of memories she was under and she pulled back, a frown forming on her lips.

She looked around the room, one of many in Dex’s mansion like it, filled with various memorabilia from the days when SolarMan was the protector of the world. Now, they were trinkets that Dex liked to trot out to the yard and fire whatever new death ray he had invented at them and watch them burn.

Without SolarMan, Dex had been unstoppable. He’d become President, subjugated dozens of other countries to the new American Empire, and pretty much banned the free press. Which is why Doris found herself her in his mansion, another trophy for him to put display when he wanted to.

She had put up a good fight of course, once the Daily Cosmos had been shut down, she’d taken her reporter instincts underground, writing for several subversive papers. But they had fallen one by one as well, until she had been caught in a sting operation and charged with treason.

When Dex had visited her in jail and offered her a deal, well, she really couldn’t say no. Honestly though, she should have.

Dex was never satisfied with what he had, and was always looking to tinker and improve them. Doris Dame, was no different, and soon he was “tweaking” her appearance. She had tried to resist, but the threat of prison was just too much and she’d acquiesced to his demands one by one. By the time he’d sent her to a plastic surgeon for the first time, it had been far too late to say no.

Doris looked down at her giant tits, her long mane of bleached blonde hair sitting atop of them, and wondered if he thought they were big enough yet, or if there were more surgeries in her future.

She looked back up at the statue of SolarMan and her fingers reached out to touch it once more, but they stopped just inches from it when the vibrator in her anus came to life and she let out a little squeak.

“Coming Dex!” she called out in reflex to no one within earshot. She turned on her heels and wiggled her ass as quickly as she could from the room, the sound of her stilettos echoing on the marble floor.

She had no idea what room he was in, the massive mansion a maze that she still had not yet memorized. It didn’t matter though, the buzzing of the vibrator would grow more and more intense as she came closer and closer to Dex.

If she was lucky, he’d remove it before using her, but she doubted that would be the case. She knew he’d been slowly, but surely, training her to enjoy the feeling of it in her ass by letting it buzz away as he fucked her pussy. She knew this was the case because he’d done the same thing with her tits, leaving and buzzing vibrator in her pussy each time he fucked them. Eventually he’d turned it off just before she came and he blew his load all over her tits. It hadn’t taken long until she no longer needed it to cum when he fucked her tits.

She arrived at the entrance to the library just as the buzzing in her ass reached it’s peak and Dex came in to view. She moved quickly over to him and placed a hand on his chest, “Hey Dex, welcome home…”, she said and then leaned in, pushing her tits against his chest and kissing him.

His hand reached around her and grabbed her ass, squeezing it firmly, then giving it a slap. She let out a moan and a squeal in response.

Dex then guided her over to the couch and bent her over the arm of it before pulling her skirt down around her ankles, “Oh god Dex, I’m so horny! Fuck me Dex! Fuck me!”

She squealed in delight as she heard his pants hit the floor and moments later he pushed in to her pussy and started to stroke in and out. She moaned and gasped as he did, the pleasure flowing over her body, but her mind was clear and aware.

There was just one thing on it, exactly how much longer it would be before he finally fucked her ass. She wanted to beg him to do it right now, to tell him she wanted it more than anything, but she knew her defeat and submission was the most important part for him and so she remained silent about it.

After all, SolarMan had fucked her ass harder and faster than Dex would ever be able to, and she had loved every moment of it.