A hands on kind of leader...

Friday March 04, 2022

“Like, oh my gawd… can you believe how scrumptious this is! giggle” Tammy said as she looped her arm through Jenny’s arm, then reached across and pulled another tuft of cotton candy from the stick.

It melted on her lips instantly and the shiver of pleasure that ran through her body completely distracted her from the increased pressure that was exerted on her bra as her breasts expanded just a little bit more.

giggle I know right? giggle” Jenny agreed and similarly pulled some of the soft, sticky treat and consumed it.

“And, like, after we totally dissed they guy selling it… for like, being such a dweeb! giggle” Tammy said in a fit of giggle before reaching over and taking some more.

Jenny didn’t reply this time and just continued to eat the cotton candy, letting out giggles between each bit, distracting her completely from her growing ass under her puffy dress.

Not that she would have noticed it anyway, her head still filled with the image of the candy man that had given them their first batch of cotton candy. She’d almost tossed it away in the garbage, but he sweet smell had drawn them both too it and what was the harm in having a little bit…

Of course by the time they had walked around the fair for a while, they’d consumed it all and found themselves standing in front of the candy man once more, this time eagerly purchasing some of the sickly sweet treat.

This was their third… no… fourth batch? Jenny giggle at the fact that she could no longer remember, as it was better than trying to think too much now.

They walked for a bit more, until Jenny looked down and realized they were well over half way through their treat, “Like Tammy, maybe we should head back… ya know?” she said, indicating the dwindling supply of candy.

Tammy giggle and her now impressive breasts jiggled along with her, “Oh my gawd, like, yes! giggle

Jenny was mesmerized by the jiggling of her friends breasts as she picked another pit of cotton and slipped it between her lips. She paused, sucking on her finger for just a moment before a strange though crossed her mind… would Tammy let her suck on her nipples if she asked?

She stopped mid stride from the shock of such a thought and Tammy continued on for another step before doing the same. Then she let out a fit of giggles that after a moment Tammy joined in on.

Of course she would! How could she be so silly! Of course Tammy would let her suck her nipples, just like Jenny would let Tammy slap her ass whenever she wanted!

The two giggling girls started walking again and in no time were back at the candy man for more of the sugary treat they both enjoyed so much.

“God, you’ve got to be kidding… that stuffs for kids and rots your teeth in no time!” Jennifer said, curling up her nose, her dark hair running down the back of her leather jacket, but not reaching the black jeans she wore.

“Fuck yeah, get out of her creep!” Tabitha replied, running her hand over the side of her half shaved head, flicking the long blonde unshaven side away from it. The curling of her nose was even more pronounced from the large hoop piercing that it contained.

“Oh, don’t be such spoil sports, you’re at the county fair, how can you not have some cotton candy?” the man said and pushed the yellow fluffy stuff towards them once more, “Tell you what, it’s on the house!”

The smell of the sickly sweet thing wafted towards them as the man pushed the stick between them and for some reason Jennifer’s hand reached out and took it.

“There we go, no enjoy the fair and you know where to find me if you want more…” the man said and the shooed them off like little children.

Jennifer rolled her eyes as they walked away and she could tell that Tabitha was having none of it either.

They had only come to the fair because their parents had forced them too, the bright sun, happy environment, and general optimism of the fair was antithetical to everything the two friends stood for.

Tabitha was a commit goth, and Jennifer was big in to punk rock, so they stood out in the small town like a sore thumb. They had naturally gravitated to each other as friends if for no other reason than the rest of the town was as sugary sweet as the confection she now held in her hand.

They walked down the path and Jennifer caught sight of a garbage can and steered them towards it, ready to be done with the candy that seemed so out of place in her hand.

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