Ami ran her fingers through her dark hair as she sat on her therapist’s couch and watched him get up from behind his desk.

She had to admit that he’d done wonders for her mental health, when she’d come to her first session she’d been unhappy and convinced that nothing could improve her situation.

She’d only agreed to go to therapy after her best friend Jennifer had virtually held her at gun point to give it a try. Ami had relented and even agreed to go to the same therapist that Jennifer had been using.

Ami had to admit the change in Jennifer was amazing, gone was the long face, replaced with a broad smile and a positive attitude no matter what was going on. She’d even dumped her long term leach of a boyfriend that Ami had never liked.

The therapist came up to Ami and gave her exposed ass a good slap and she immediately let out a coo. The she quickly repositioned herself on the couch so her legs were over each side, her tits were pushed out, and her hands clasped behind her head.

The therapist groped her tits for a few moments for before reaching up and slipping his thumb between her lips. She moaned as she sucked on it, closing her eyes and tilting her head back until he popped his thumb from between her lips and walked over to his chair and sat down.

“Thank you, I appreciate you recognizing my value as a sex object.” she said with a smile and then placed her hand between her thighs.

It hadn’t taken his long to get to the bottom of her problem, all those silly thoughts of her being a strong independent woman. Of being valued for her mind and ideas, her opinions and contributions to work.

No, those were the thoughts that had lead her to being so unhappy, so alone.

Instead they had worked on new thoughts for her, like how her body was far more important than her mind. How her tits were the center of attention for her. How her ass was jealous of all the attention her tits were given.

She couldn’t have imagine the massive change to her happiness that the therapist had made.

“So… how is the tension between your tits and ass this week Ami?” he asked.

She smiled and stood up, lifting her shirt up over her tits before replying, “Well, as you can see my tits get a lot of attention these days. Especially since I’ve only been wearing these bright neon colours for the last few weeks.”

Then she turned around and looped her thumbs in the waistband of her pants, she then bent over and pulled them down around her ankles in one smooth motion.

“But then again, all the time at the gym has really held get my ass in to the game too…” she continued as she raised her hand and landed a smack on her ass, sending it jiggling.

“Perhaps you could help decided how it’s going this week like you did last week…” she finished, trailing off with a half question.

“And remind me again… what was last weeks result?”

Ami stood back up and cupped her tits together with a smile on her lips, “Oh, you fucked my tits and came all over them… they were the clear winner of your attention that week.”

The therapists smiled and nodded, “Well, I do have to remain impartial, so I guess I’ll have to pay some attention to your ass this week.”

Ami smiled and turned back to the couch, leaning over at the waist and placing her hands on as she spread her legs. She was so lucky to have found her therapist, he always made sure that both her tits and ass got equal treatment.