“Oh, yes Sir, I very much enjoy the tea, thank you.” Clarissa replied as she lifted the cup to her lip and took another sip of the warm sweet liquid.

It hadn’t always been the case, in fact the first time he’d offered her a tea she’s wrinkled her nose at it, but he’d insisted and she had to admit the aroma of it intrigued her. And so she’d accepted and ever since she’d been unable to say no whenever he’d offered.

She felt the warm liquid run down her throat and her whole body shivered slightly in pleasure as it did so. It seemed to get better each time she had another cup and she wasn’t complaining at all.

He was sipping on a cup as well, though he didn’t seem to have the same kind of reaction to it that she did, “You know, I’m so glad that you decided to continue to work for me, even after the cleaning service decided to focus on commercial clients only due to the pandemic.”

She’d been working for the cleaning service for a few years as she’d worked her way through college, taking on clients that fit her schedule, but the pandemic had thrown a wrench in those plans. Not only had the cleaning service moved to commercial clients only, the college she attended had canceled classes in that first year.

When he’d offered to pay her in cash, under the table, she’d jumped at the offer. He’d kept her afloat, and when her college had reopened, she’d somehow missed the deadline to re-enroll and found herself spending more and more time cleaning his house and sipping his tea.

On Monday she’d come in and clean the kitchen, Tuesday was the living room, Wednesday was the bathrooms, Thursday was the bedrooms and Friday… today… was her favorite day of all.

She finished her tea and set her cup and saucer down on the tray, he did the same thing and then she took the tray over to the dresser and set it there for later.

Then, she turned and walked back to the bed, sad down on the edge of it, leaned back and grabbed her ankles as she did, until the were beside her head. Her skirt, forced up on to her abdomen, exposed her bare, glistening pussy.

“Please Sir, I’m ready to clean your cock now…”

He quickly dropped his pants and moved over to her, sliding his cock in to her and pounding it back and forth.

“Oh god Sir, yes! Clean your dirty cock in my tight wet pussy! Give me your dirty fucking cock!” she screamed as he did just that until she felt him release inside of her and her back arched as she cried out in pure pleasure as her own orgasm crested.

When she regained some semblance of cohesion to her thoughts, all she could muster was a simmering pleasure at the thought of accepting his latest offer.

A small bedroom at the end of the hall that she would live in, and the extra duties of polishing his balls on Saturday and his generous suggestion that he clean out her ass with his filthy cock on Sundays.