Kiri ran her hand through her hair as she stood in front of the man and danced to the pounding beat of the music that filled the club. He was one of her regulars, in fact he had been one of the first men she’d ever danced for at the club, but many more had taken her to the VIP since then.

She had lost count, even losing count of the weeks she’d worked there at some point. It was hard to keep track, her daily routine was the exactly same each day; get up, make herself look presentable, do some simple housework and chores, do the grocery shopping, make some food, then get ready for work, get in early, and stay until management had to kick her out at the end of the night.

It was so different than her routine used to be… back when she was SolarGirl.

Kiri shook her tits as she wiggled her ass before moving in and sitting down on the man’s lap, his hands taking hold of her hips, then snaking around behind her and grabbing her ass.

“Mmmm… squeeze Kiki’s ass… you so strong…” Kiri said as she leaned forward and rubbed her tits against his chest.

She let out a moan and her gaze drifted upwards until she saw her own reflection in the dirty mirror that covered the entire wall behind the chairs in the VIP.

Even now it amazed her what Dex had done to her. Her long, fine, blonde locks replaced with the thick black strands that covered her head. Her bright blue eyes replaced with dark brown ones. The entire structure of her face altered to the point she looked Asian now. Her lips puffed up along with her tits. Her pale white skin unrecognizable now.

After he’d captured her, she’d spent days… maybe weeks in the genetic manipulation pod that he’d designed himself. It had stripped her of her powers and altering her physical appearance.

No one would recognize her now, even if she was able to tell anyone what had happened.

Once her powers were gone, Dex had a dozen or more machines to do the work on her mind. The one he’d chosen had split her mind in two, the inner one that was still Kiri/SolarGirl, defender of Earth, and the outer one that was Kiki, stripper slut extraordinare.

The man’s hands finally stopped squeezing her ass and ran up her body until they found her tits, she leaned back a little to give him better access and then took hold of her top and in one quick motion pulled it over her head.

His fingers found her hard nipple and rolled it around for a moment before he leaned forward and placed his lips around it, sucking it in to his mouth as he flicked it with his tongue.

“Yes… yes baby… You suck Kiki’s nipple… You make Kiki so horny!”

Her hands dropped down to his belt and unbuckled it, followed by unzipping his pants and pulling down. Her fingers quickly fished his stiff shaft from his underwear and stroked it up and down.

“Mmmm… Baby, you so big! You want Kiki to suck or fuck big hard cock?”

Kiri hated the way she spoke now, not just the vulgar words she used but the broken English as well. It was humiliating, not one at work, but whenever she had to interact with anyone outside of work as well.

Dex had done everything to ensure that she’d never be recognized, not physically, nor by her personality, and this was the result.

She felt the man slip her nipple from his mouth for a moment, “God, I’ve been looking forward to fucking that tight little pussy of yours all week Kiki…” he replied and then reattached himself to her nipple.

“Yes baby, Kiki love your big hard cock in Kiki’s tight pussy!” she replied and then used her free hand to push her bottoms to the side and then slide his dick in to her.

“Mmmm… You fuck Kiki so good!” she said as she bounced up and down on to the man’s shaft. It didn’t last long, it never did, as she worked her hips and took him in to her as far as she could.

Moments later, she felt him cum inside of her and her body shook with her own orgasm the moment she did.

After a few minutes cleaning up and getting paid, she headed back to the change rooms to freshen up. It only took a few minutes and then she was back out on to the floor looking for her next client.

Just as she was making a second circuit of the floor, she saw the main door open and several men come in. In the midst of them was Dex and she almost had another orgasm right then and there.

Both from the programming he’d implanted in her to be excited every time she saw him, but also from the knowledge that they’d soon be in the VIP with Dex shoving his cock up her ass and Kiri hoping he’d never stop.